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Dealing with Hurt

HisJewel (New York) on 08/14/2021
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To my EC Family,

I want to share my remedies for "Dealing with Hurt"

My mother was an amazing woman. She dealt with many hurts, and blows from close friends, family and children. She was always willing and ready to forgive, but she had a problem letting it go. She would retell the story; this in my experience seems to keep the wound open. One of the first things I do is stop the replay. I usually do this by singing. I might pull out the Good Book, or if hurtful thoughts persist, I may look at a movie or simply switch to a more happy thought.

I learned to ask the Lord to help me let it go. I try to remember a better time in my communication with that person and start from there. However I do Not purposely visit them if I know they are harmful or don't like me. I want to help them stay in a right attitude. I have learned to say positive things about myself from the word of God, "He will never leave us (me) nor forsake us".

Here are some hurts my mother carried. I will give these people names. They were more than friends they were from her church family; they also lived in the same neighborhood.

Mother and Lola went to visit Angela, all were around 60 years of age. Perhaps Angela was not well, I don't remember. Or maybe it was just an excuse for a meeting. Anyway, while my mother and Lola was visiting Angela, as some point my mother walked in the room where Lola and Angela's husband was ending a conversation. What they did not realize was my mother had a hearing problem. And what she saw was a friend just talking to a friend's husband.

Anyway, when Lola got to church that Sunday, she began to tell some of the members that my mother was spreading a lie about her and Angela's husband. Two seniors approached mother to tell her how shocked that she was spreading this story.

Well, this was the first my mother had heard it. Lola had spread gossip about herself and blamed mom.

Even though she was hurt at what Lola had done and said, she seemed more hurt that some people believed Lola and came to chastise mother.

What do you do when the acid of hurt is building up in your stomach? Mother would get nauseous and sick behind such hurts. Alka Seltzer was her friend in those days, but she did have a natural healing method, love.

Her method was to heap more love on you. It seems as if she was saying this is what you should have done. It turned out that as Lola got older her sight got very bad, mother was there for her when she asked her.

When we were older, my mother told us how when we had to leave our home because the building was condemned, she thought to stay with her married sister, but her brother in-law put her and her five children out in the night. She became the only one he could tell his troubles to when he was down and out.

If anyone owed my mother anything she appreciated it if they gave it back, but she did not make a habit of asking for it back. Money was always coming to her. I was like, I want that anointing! Her method for dealing with hurt was flooding you with love.

I have this saying, "Love heals itself and then it turns around and heals the one who wounded it."

Remember: do not treasure hurt, do not hold it close to you, do not protect it, release it, cancel the charges so you can enjoy life fullest.

To those of you who don't mind divulging your secret of how you successfully deal or dealt with hurt please chime in.

Thank you,


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mandandi (Gaborone, Botswana) on 12/22/2019
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After being inflicted with parasite and candida infection for many years, I was left full of anger. The road to recovery started when i found out i was infected really, because I started a program to clean out the parasites. 6 years later, I was surprised to suddenly feel the anger disappear when I started taking milk thistle seeds, blended in watermelon juice once or twice a day. Within days, the anger just started melting away, slowly. A month later, I added moringa seeds to the mix and felt even better. For those suffering from low libido, moringa seeds may be your answer. Be careful though, they have lots of fibre so if you use a lot, you will get a running stomach So I suppose that a liver cleanse can dissolve anger left by chemicals from parasite infestation. I must add that I had tried milk thistle tablets earlier and did not feel any positive effect. Perhaps I still high levels of toxins then and needed to be patient. I wont know.
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Jon G. (Monterey, CA) on 06/01/2019
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The best anger management remedy is boxing or a similar type of exercise that lets you release large amounts of frustrated energy that you may have been storing for years. I had serious repressed anger issues until I took up boxing at the gym a year ago. Took about a year of regular classes before I cleared the rage, but it worked. In prior years I tried running, yoga, meditating, eft, therapists, vitamins, but nothing worked as well as exercise. Oh and magnesium and potassium supplements once I started sweating so much in boxing class.

Eating Once a Day Helps Anger Issues

Looms (Buhl Id) on 06/01/2016
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I have apprenticed in Asian medicine much of my life, and like you already mention here, anger is related to liver congestion. My upbringing was very toxic living beside industrial chemical factories, and rage or repression of it (along with some alcohol abuse by my parents and comfortable emotional habits) left my liver very irritable. I've done so many herbs and emotional therapies I can't remember em all and am a natural food junkie with 40 years vegetarian under my belt, but one thing has made a huge difference in my anger....I eat only one meal a's like a mini fast that keeps me clear minded and my liver eased. It saved my marriage, and has improved my health in general. And yes I do "over eat" my one meal (to keep calories up) which is supposed to be hard on the liver, but it does not seem to counter act the bennifits of my clarity, peace and all around health. I had the beginning symptoms of diabetus when I started too (it's rampant in my family) and all those are long gone as well from my one meal a day diet.
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Anger Management Remedies

Jane (Venice, Florida) on 07/14/2015

People must realize that anger/wrath has a negative impact in the spirit, soul and body which when it something is said or thought in anger/wrath the body tries to rid itself of that negative impact by localizing it a certain area of the body. In the Old Testament book of Proverbs many places tell of the outcome of being an angry/wrathful person. Prov 1:5,3:10-12,4:24,14:17,29 15: 32,19:11,19,22:24,25,26:21, and 27:4

The New Testament also confirms that it is not good to harbor anger. Eph 4:31,32, James 1:19-27 and other passages. There is however a place for righteous anger, but to be careful not to sin, by going out of bounds, and instead keeping a calmness in spite of being angry.

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Re: Misophonia (Hatred of Noise) Remedies Needed

Fooshcat (Sw Michigan) on 05/27/2014

I have suffered from Misophonia or ?4S?, Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome, for years and it seems to be getting worse. I?m in my 40?s and it started around age 7 or 8. The condition is seriously ruining my life. Certain repetitive sounds trigger strong negative emotions or rage (in my case it?s controlled internal anger). My trigger sounds are gum chewing and/or popping, loud eating, repetitive throat clearing or sniffling, yawning, smacking, slurping, crinkling wrappers, clicking keyboards, the high pitched squealing and yelling of children, the bass of stereos and clinking silverware on glass dishes. There is a particular person that moved into our office area and her voice is a trigger. This is upsetting since voices have not been a trigger for me before. Plus she?s so loud I cannot drown her out with headphones, she talks like the 1980?s valley girl and appears to NEVER shut up (?Like, Oh My God?you, like, totally need to go shopping at ___, it's totally??), but I digress. Also, the sight of someone fidgeting will get me. The scientific thought is that the brain appears hijacked and the emotional center is activated, perhaps a brain error involving the fight or flight response. I know most will say ?just ignore it? or ?get over it? and believe me, if I could, I would. Every day is a revolving door of internal anxiety and anger. If I?m going to be in the office there will be several instances that I am triggered and cannot escape. When I see or hear someone chewing gum, I want to rip it out of their mouth and smash it into their hair. My co-worker has long nails and types rather hard ? I want to smash that keyboard to bits and scream at her to stop it already. Of course, I realize this is completely irrational, but it is still difficult to not dislike the source of the trigger. I wear headphones all day at work and they drown out keyboard clicking and the eating, but not the voice that triggers me. I wish daily that she would find another job. Meditation and deep breathing have not helped. Masking noise that can be masked helps. I?ve read that cognitive behavioral therapy has not shown much success. Any help or suggestions at all would be very much appreciated.

Re: Angry for No Reason

Sara (Ca, Usa) on 04/14/2014

I've been feeling extremely irritated and angry and there' nothing bothering me. I get angry for silly reasons, like if someone talks to me while I'm watching something on TV, I'd snap at them and feel pretty irritated. I just don't want anyone to talk to me or tell me anything. Why is that? Could it be some sort of vitamin deficiency or something because there's NOTHING bothering me.

I am 40 years old and do not have any medical issues.

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What to Take for Irritability?

Baylamer (Skokie, Il) on 10/17/2013

Hi,LOVE this site! I have learned so much. Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with irritability? Most of the time I want to punch holes in walls and rip off people's heads - even over the least little things. Obviously I control myself, but I hate feeling this way. It is so hard to enjoy life when I am feeling this nearly constant irritablitly.


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B-Complex Helping Anger

Kim (St. Louis, Mo) on 02/24/2013
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I have started my B compex again and u r right, I am not so quick at being angry... And this statment is true because I started 4 days ago and this is the first time on this site... I was able to sit with co-workers and not have to get angry about what was being said for a whole week!!!
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Re: Remedies Needed for Anger

Jeroen (Amsterdam, Nh Netherlands) on 08/23/2012

Anger and liver are closely related. Liver cleansing is most effective and simple to do, giving many more benefits than just anger releif. Google "liver cleanse" and be amazed of this simple healing.
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Lecia (Copenhagen, Denmark) on 04/07/2012

A Low carb or very low carb diet should help with anger management and mood disorders, especially if starting slowly. It takes time for the body to get used to less sugar, and every time it lacks it there may be anger, and feeling good again when having sugar, just like a roller-coaster. The body has to adapt to a moderate amount of sugar.

Anger Management (New Page Created, Thank You Gean!)

Gean (Salina, Ks) on 05/04/2010

Has anyone had any success in anger management? I know someone who gets angry a lot, and cannot stop. Even if you can manage to control your words and actions, the angry feelings can not be good for the health. Any suggestions? (Maybe "anger" can be added to ailments)