Remedies for Aluminum Poisoning

All sorts of everyday items are full of aluminum, and that aluminum slowly leaches into and accumulates in our bodies. Generally, aluminum is not toxic and is a very common metal in the environment. However, the amount of aluminum now added to our foods, products, and used in industrial processes is such that people and experts are equally concerned about aluminum overload.

Aluminum can be found in antiperspirants, aluminum cookware, food additives, antacids, toothpaste, and more. Once in the body, aluminum can interfere with vitamin uptake, DNA expression, and the digestive tract as well as brain and nerve function.

Home Remedies: EDTA and coriander/cilantro can be used for aluminum chelation, and supplemental magnesium is often used because aluminum particularly interferes with absorption of this nutritional mineral.

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List of Remedies for Aluminum Poisoning