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Arcane Solution for Ear Infections in Dogs

A popular remedy for ear infections in dogs, especially if they are caused by yeast is Arcane Solution, also known as "Healthy Ear Recipe." Dogs and cats can be prone to infections in their ears, especially dogs that swim regularly. Pets who shake their heads and scratch their ears may well have an infection. There may or may not be visible symptoms in the ears. 

Many thanks to Wendy from Columbus, Ohio for introducing Earth Clinic to this remedy!

Recipe for Arcane Solution

  • 1 tube Monistat (generic vaginal anti-fungal cream is fine)
  • 1 tube Polysporin (first aid antibiotic ointment - use the name brand)
  • 1 tube Cortaid (generic hydrocortisone cream 1% is fine)
  • Use similar sized tubes and mix all three together in a container with a tight fitting lid.
  • For ears with visible signs of infection or an odor, use a pea sized amount of the cream twice a day and massage into each ear. Continue treatment for several days to a week until the infection has cleared up. At that point, you can use the solution once a week in the ears to prevent a flare up.

How Does Arcane Solution Work?

Because Arcane Solution is a mixture of three different over-the-counter creams, it can address a variety of different problems. The Monistat fights fungal issues, the Polysporin fights bacteria, and the Cortaid fights inflammation. This cream will be especially helpful if the infection is caused by multiple problems. A yeast infection could be come a bacterial infection as well if the skin is scratched open by an itchy dog. None of the ingredients should sting or be uncomfortable for a dog with broken skin in his ear from scratching or from the infection itself. ...

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