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Why Does My Psoriasis Keep Coming Back?

Posted By Brad (Nprov, RI) on 12/29/2015

I will try to be brief. Long time psoriasis sufferer as well as psoriatic arthritis and ankloysing spondylitis. Many failed valid attempts. What usually happens is I clean out. It takes six weeks or so and then the psoriasis clears for a bit then comes back. At that point I abandoned the mission revolt then try again. This last attempt was a success to a point. I took hcl before each meal. Ate lots of fruits veggies and proper food combined my meals. I was taking in grains and wheat which I know are inflammatory and not great for healing. I also did 14 days straight of coffee enemas. I cleared faster than ever - maybe three weeks. Stayed clear for two months. Stopped the coffee enemas, just the clean diet then all of a sudden spots started coming back.

My question is why? Was my gut better but cells were now detoxing? So I gave up. So here I am again trying. Going to do mostly just veggies. Low, low fruit. If any healthy fats limited flesh. Also coffe enemas for 1 to 2 weeks. Anyone have a clue why it comes back after a few months. Thanks in advance.


Replied by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 12/30/2015

Hi Brad...I think its pretty clear from your description that your psoriasis was never actually completely cured in the first place and that's why it came back. I would also suggest that your enema method perhaps isn't working that well. Sure, taking enemas will help to get rid of any pathogens in perhaps the last ten feet of the colon, but what about the other 20 feet of your intestines? This region is also where many different pathogens can easily hide, hibernate and breed safely because neither your immune system nor any orally ingested nutrients/drugs can reach them. Better to use a laxative at full strength once a week to clear out your whole intestines on a regular basis. Philip's Milk of Magnesia is a pretty useful laxative or using castor oil with a teaspoon of turpentine is another good one. I use these protocols regularly even now as a preventative. This simple approach stops insidious, long term infections from residing and hibernating in the gut over the long term thereby also helping to avoid the cause of many so-called chronic and 'incurable' diseases in the body -- including psoriasis.

I had psoriasis, eczma and some other major skin problems, as well as many other symptoms, when I had systemic candida 8 yrs ago. I cured myself of this awful disease and my skin problems (all candida symptoms as far as I was concerned) all went away as well and they have never returned in 8 years.

I would further advise that you should try the protocol that I used which is shown here and follow this diet. This approach should also work to help cure your arthritis and may even help to cure your other problems as well.


Replied by Brad (Nprovidence) on 12/31/2015

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. I will follow your instructions. Happy New Year.
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Replied by Gerrit.h (Abbotsfort) on 01/02/2016


My hunch is you are over acidic and your skin acts as a 3rd kidney to try to balance your system.


Replied by Sabita (Middletown, Ri) on 01/06/2016

After trying all the natural treatments I could research, I finally had to resort to ordering Diflucan from Canada. I took it for a month. Plus Fluocinonide that a dermatologist gave me for my scalp but I used it on the skin till it cleared up. I just ate salads, meat and green smoothies while doing this. No sugar at all and I still have to stay away from sugar. I have had no reoccurrence of my psoriasis.
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