What could be causing itchy swollen eyelids

Posted By Annette (Ireland) on 11/03/2014

Hiya I'm just wondering does anyone know what these symptoms may be and how to help, starts off with swollen under my eye one or both red and itchy then my eyelids, sometimes spots or small lumps there particularly on skin on base of eye socket, then swelling goes down and my skin drys out and becomes flaky, eczema type at the corner of my eyes, then it looks like its getting better I may be almost ok for 1 day or so and it starts all over again. It started over the summer (I was a bit stressed) so I assumed it was an allergy like allergic conjuntivitis, as I have bit sticky eye but I notice that the base of the eyelash under the eyelid at top anyway feels bit tender or inflammed. It came with a little bit of soreness in the throat but comes and goes so quickly it doesn't really bother me, I took a herbal anti-histamine with quercetin it helps a little I have stopped putting creams on my face only aloe vera from our plant to cool it down, I always use natural products for my hair and skin and haven't eaten anything different than usual. We got a kitten and I am keeping it out of the house in case that's cause? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks a lot Annette

Replied by Timh (KY) on 11/04/2014

I had similar condition a while back, but not as severe as you reported . Well, I figured it was some kinda infection so I wet a tissue of rubbing alcohol that I previously added liquid Eucalyptus and applied liberally over the entire eye area. Redness & swelling was gone in a matter of hrs.

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