Treating and correcting hypothyroidism

Posted By Joni (Selma, Oregon) on 12/15/2012

Thank you Tina for answering my question concerning your protocol for treating your hypothyroidism. I started the Endoflex (which I had) yesterday right after reading your post. I have been making my own milk kefir..... Which comes from my own goats, and I also make and drink lots of water kefir) for several years now. I also have been making my own fermented sauerkraut for sometime. I have lots of sea vegetables to choose from but I see I haven't been eating enough. Hopefully, increasing those and using the Endoflex twice a day along with the other things I will start to see some improvement. Oh, and I do have spirulina too so I will start that also. You are so right about the Fukushima problem, I'm very careful what I purchase. Wow.... Only 5-6 weeks for your thyroid to get balanced! That's amazing. Thanks so much for posting your protocol and willingness to help others!

Replied by Tina (Houston, Usa) on 12/16/2012

Hi Joni from Selma, Oregon. Great to hear! If you don't notice a shift in energy (less sluggishness and other hypothyroid symptoms) within 2 weeks, I do want to share that 3-4 drops endoflex can be put in empty, clear vegetable capsules, and taken twice daily, in addition to applying on your thyroid, and other key points. So that's important to know. My sister has done that in addition to topical application which got her thyroid back to balance. My body did not need that, but just sharing incase your body needs further support.

Also, fyi, the capsules should be filled and consumed immediately. Don't make a day's / week's worth since it will dissolve and go to waste. Buy a glass dropper and some empty capsules from any health food store for ease of ease.

Good luck, Tina


Replied by Joni (Selma, Oregon) on 12/16/2012

Hi Tina, Ok, thanks for the suggestion of putting Endoflex in capsules in two weeks if I don't see any improvement. I have bunches of those capsules, I just made up a whole bunch of vitamin C capsules today. I will copy off your post and save it along with your others so I can refer back to them. I wouldn't be surprised if my body is one of those that will need this further support. But, maybe not. Thanks so much again for sharing your knowledge and what has helped you and your sister.

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