Thyroid, Kidney, Liver Issues With One Cause?

Posted By GertJr (Madison) on 10/21/2021

Thyroid, kidney, liver issues with one cause?

I had blood work run because of my leg cramps. I am low on ferritin, have low T3 (thyroid), low kidney and liver numbers, and a higher-than desired (although still in the proper range) A1C. My doc just wants me to take a thyroid pill and come back in 3 months. I started ioderal for my thyroid and liver pills for my ferritin and the cramping is better but still bothersome. I eat paleo mostly but still have a sweet tooth and I have terrible insomnia. I'm trying cortisol manager for the insomnia and it's better but still terrible. So, should I see an endrocrinologist? What do I do for the kidney and liver, which are intimately connected with thyroid? I'm at a loss and feel like I'm just on my own, there aren't any good docs out there who won't just throw a pill at you. Besides, if I take the pill for 3 months and get no relief, then what? Take it another 3 months? Trying to patch a moving target, not getting to the root problem. Any suggestions? I am not overweight and not in diabetes range, but I go to bed tired, get up tired, don't sleep except in small snatches of mere dozing. I need help and EC is always my first stop.


Replied by Eve N. (OH) on 10/21/2021

You need to do a "complete detox" using vegetable juices (with some fruit, primarily green apples)... that you juice from scratch yourself... everything must be organic, and it will probably take you 3 months on just juicing alone before you start feeling better. After the juicing fast, you will need to eat a 100% organic diet with absolutely no white sugar and processed foods. it will be hard, but if you want to turn this around, you need to get all of the chemicals, toxins, parasites out of your existing body. Your immune system is severely compromised... You have to get it clean enough so that it can kick back in again, and your metabolism will fully function. Go to YouTube and watch the movie "fat, sick and nearly dead" by Joe Cross... Begin there.

I wish you the best on your healing journey. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels".

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Replied by GertJr (Madison) on 10/22/2021

What makes you think I'm toxic? I've been on an overall health journey for over 30 years. I cannot eat raw, period, due to my ibs. Juicing anything will kill me; I tried it once and had diarrhea bad enough that I needed an iv for fluids. And then it took almost a year before I could leave the house without wearing depends and carrying a change of clothes. I eat primarily vegetables and some meat/fish daily. Today's breakfast is quinoa cooked in coconut milk, lunch is green beans and roasted turkey, supper will be salmon and asparagus off the grill. This is my typical daily diet. Additionally, I eat Bubbie's fermented pickles and saurkraut daily, about 1/4 cup of each, as a snack. I am allergic to dairy, eggs and many spices and sensitive to gluten. Fruits are so sugary that they trigger my ibs, plus raise blood glucose. I garden, so I have beets, cauliflower, brocolli, kale, spinach, squash and cabbage fresh daily. I believe that, with my family history of thyroid cancers (3 out of 10 of us siblings), I need a closer look at that gland. I cannot imagine a better way of throwing my entire body out of whack than a dramatic change such as you suggest. Please reconsider your advice and realize that a one-size fits all approach is not a solution. When I say that I have a sweet tooth, this is merely occasionally when someone at work brings donuts and I eat one, and this only happens once a month or so. Craving and liking sweets does not mean I indulge. What I am asking for is real, workable advice. I drink around 80 ounces of water a day, the only liquid I consume. The first bottle has 1/4 tsp borax, the rest have a sprinkle of sea salt. In my young years, I was often on antibiotics and had radiation (for what, I have never truly understood). I also had chemo when mom had it before she knew I was in the womb. So, what do I do to get my thyroid, kidneys and liver as healthy as I can? Oh, and I also do a water fast every 6 weeks or so, 3 day weekend with only water as a general reset.

Replied by Connie (Utah) on 10/22/2021

It's good that you are getting iodine and especially liver because the copper in it will help regulate iron. If iron isn't regulated, it can accumulate in organs including liver, kidneys, heart, brain, etc.

Beef liver is especially high in copper and active vitamin A.

I've found that getting enough electrolytes is crucial for sleep and fatigue. Potassium and magnesium are great, but calcium has helped me the most. ( I take a calcium chelate in divided doses, but food is great too, especially greens.)

If you don't get enough calcium, then phosphorus accumulates in organs, especially kidneys, and can disturb their function.

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Replied by Betty (CA) on 10/22/2021

If low T3/free T3 and normal to high T4, it might be a liver problem and not a thyroid problem.
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Replied by GertJr (Madison) on 10/24/2021

My TSH is down from 5 to 3.42, Free T4 is 0.94 and free T3 is 2.54. Doc says they're all in range, so no need to do anything. He had put me on levothyroxin about 6 weeks ago when TSH was 5 and then, when the T3 got into range, he said I could stop taking it or not, my choice. So, I stopped. I have no idea what to do. Chiro said the liver and kidney numbers were high and that could matter. My ferritin is in range, but at the low end. I think it was 23 and should be around 80 - 90? eGFR was 59, she said that's low. MCHC was 31.8, low. Fasting glucose was 94, she said she'd like it closer to 80 even tho it's in the official range of <100. My A1C is 5.9 and my magnesium is just above the low range number.

I have added ferrous bisglycinate and ioderal. I am also eating more salmon, greens and 1 tbs molasses. I am allergic to eggs, most nuts, dairy and sensitive to gluten. My typical breakfast is quinoa porridge made with coconut milk and cranberries. Lunch is non-starchy vegetables and some meat, like roast chicken or turkey burger off the grill. Supper is usually fish and vegetables with some starch, like millet. Not high starch at all, pretty low carbs overall.

I just need suggestions for how to get the liver/kidney/thyroid into sync and don't want a dramatic alteration, like 100% juicing as someone suggested. I have ibs-d that is being managed with this diet, fruit and raw hurts me and then it takes awhile to get back under control. Insomnia and muscle cramping is my major complaint, although the cortisol manager and zero thc cbd oil plus melatonin is helping with the sleep. Thanks.

Replied by Betty (CA) on 10/24/2021

With those numbers I would seek professional help thru an ND like Dr. James Belanger. Look him up. He helps me keep my numbers in check.

Replied by GertJr (Madison) on 10/24/2021

I do not have the money to pay anything that is not covered by insurance. Probably won't even have that after Nov 22, the date I'm supposed to get fired for not getting the jab. Even if they let me retire, money will be even tighter than it is now.

Replied by Betty (CA) on 10/24/2021

Usually insurance covers the expanded bloodwork he will order, then it's like $195 for the consult. So, Idk. My bloodwork is a different scenario than yours.

Replied by Charity (faithville, Us) on 10/28/2021

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