Suffering with sores that wont heal

Posted By Guppydas (Lamsai, Prathumthani, Thailand) on 03/17/2010

Hello everybody. I am writing this in a desperation as I have been suffering this condition for more than 3 years now and it got worst due to improper medical procedure. Please excuse me if I am too graphical in explaining the sysmptoms.

3 years ago, a small acne like boil developed on right thigh. Disappeared in 2 days. Only to appear a week later. Then it changed the location. This time, on left thigh. Sometime then I also had an attack of Herpes Zoster on my Left shoulder and left back. I was completely exhausted by this two infections.

Eventually after a month or so, Herpes disappeared, leaving pain in the spot which is more intermittent. However, the infection around thigh didn't go away. In fact it became more stubborn and aggressive.

I do not like to take anti-biotics as I know the devastating unwanted effects they have. Still I visited doctor and I was put on some heavy doses of Antibiotic. I was dead against use of any cut and drain procedure. I believed this could be sorted by medication.

With patience I kept taking the medication to no benefit. The infection spread, finally covering almost the entire region on buttocks, inner thighs and groins. It was painful, foul smelling and not improving at all.

All this resulted in extreme exhaustion and finally in May 2009, I was taken to local hospital for check up and treatment. I was given 2 units of blood, put on drip for 5 days. During this, without my permission, the doctors performed a incision to drain the fluid out. Did bring good relief. However the entire procedure was conducted in a very unprofessional manner. No local anesthesia or numbing aid was given.

Eventually this short lived relief faded away in 3 months. I was completely bed ridden for a month during July and August 2009. Finally to get admitted to a bigger hospital. Results of diagnosis came around and to my shock and surprise, I was found HIV .

However, the doctors were nice and explained me the benefits to do a proper incision procedure to drain out the infected area so that the medication bring about healing faster. I agreed. I was taken to the surgery room. General anesthesia and after 3 hours, I was back in my bed in my ward. Felt very good. For few months. Then, the reality started sinking in.

The wound was not healing at all. 8 spots about 2 cm wide and 1/4 centimeter deep at least were not healing up. Once again there was pus formation and pain returned. This happened relatively swiftly before I could get to doctors and get some medical attention.

NOW, cutting long story short, I cannot get any medical attention nor can I afford any. So a well learned friend of mine suggested to take Food grade H2O2. I started taking that about 10 days ago. I am taking 3% food grade in about a litre of bottled water (says no chlorine on the lable). Can't get distilled water here. Don't see much difference. The only thing I see different is sleepiness. I don't fall asleep but I am sleepy all the time.

Ok this is getting too long. I did cut it short. My question is, in addition to the above treatment, I wish to take mega doses of Vitamin C. Any suggestions, warming, comments, recommendation on this? Vitamin C H2O2? Any other suggestions to heal this wounds faster? I am held back due to this. I can't sit or sleep properly. I need to travel back to my Home country and infection holds me back from travelling for so many hours in an airplane. The discharge is foul smelling and is constantly painful. Any suggestions are welcome. Please please help. I am emotionally and financially broke due to this condition.

Thank you all for your support.

PS: No doctor has so far given any name to it. However looking on Internet, I found two conditions (two names) most fitting to describe this infection on buttocks. 1) Hidradenitis Supprativa 2) Acne Inversa. many misdiagnose it as Acne Vulgaris. Yes I have had inherent Acne problem all my life. I also have a long medical history. I can share if it is helpful.

Replied by Rena (Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa) on 03/17/2010

Hi Guppydas, from Lamsai,

I understand the financial situation, so perhaps we can start off with the less expensive remedies. First off, you need to alkalize your system with fresh lemon or lime juice, mixed with baking soda.

Recipes can be found here:

Next due to all the antibiotics, you need to replenish your good flora with a good pro biotic. If you can't find any, then perhaps you can make some fermented foods, or kefir.

Good recipes can be found here:

Now for the wounds themselves, to put on externally and this will be the most expensive, is to get some Manuka honey. You may have to google this, but you will get some good information. If you can not get Manuka honey, then use a good pure or raw honey and apply to wounds, and bandage. Change bandages and re-apply the honey morning and evening. You can not use pasteurized store bought honey, it will not work, it must be pure honey. Your best wound healing would be to get the Manuka Honey, so if there is anyway, please get this.

I wish you the best, Peace, Rena.


Replied by Guppydas (Lamsai, Prathumthani, Thailand) on 03/18/2010

Hi Rena,

Thank you for your response. I can do the Baking soda lime thing. Manuka honey, raw, I doubt it is possible to find in this part of the world. However, I will ask around. Meanwhile I am continuing to use H2O2 for cleaning the wounds. Also, I have 3% Food grade H2O2 that I drink every day. About 5 oz. Mixed with either bottled (non chlorine) water or orange juice. It's only been 12 days so far so I think it would be too early to comment on results.

I was wondering if it would be OK to take Baking soda and Lime along with H2O2? Your comment is highly appreciated. I also wanted to know if high doses of Vitamin C be any good?

As you can see from my emails, I am 'zero' in this health matters. Besides, for some time I am feeling extremely sleepy. Droopy feeling, if it means something. My eyes feel heavy, as if I am about to fall asleep. When I put aside the anything that I am doing and try to sleep, I can't sleep. Mind is hyper alert. It is difficult to focus for 5 minutes and read an email or write a reply. Eventually I end up spending the entire day, doing one message at a time.

Once again, thank you for your response. I will get Baking soda and lime. One more question, can I squeez lime, lets say for 3-4 days worth and keep it or it is better to squeeze fresh?

Replied by Charlotte (Boston, Ma) on 03/17/2010

Hi, I think turmeric would be very helpful in treating your sores. My family has used it many times for boils and acne both internally (1/2 teaspoon powdered turmeric in a glass of warm water)and externally (turmeric paste). Here is a page on Earth Clinic that I use frequently!

Please let me know if the turmeric helps you.


Replied by Shandy (Limerick, Ireland) on 03/18/2010

Dear Guppydas,

My daughter was recently bitten by spiders that were poisonous, the bites became sores that refused to heal. The Drs tried to treat her with antibiotics and steroids - which did no good at all. After some research and help from others on EC I made a poultice with equal amounts of onion, garlic, and potato and bound it with bandages on her sores changing them every 4 hours - within 3-4 days it had drawn out all the pus, and scabbed over, we then applied plantago tincture for a few days which is supposed to regenerate tissue, now we are just applying vit e oil and they are healing nicely.

It might be worth making a poultice and applying it to your sores since onion and potato have drawing power and garlic is antibiotic, all cheap and available? I'm not sure if you have plantain (plantago) growing in your country as I think it is a temperate climate plant, but one thing I also considered was pineapple - which I think is abundant and cheap in Thailand? Apparently it is also good for rejeuvenating tissue. I had considered binding freash pineapple pieces to my daughters sores but her being 15 and objecting to walking around like a human fruit salad we settled for plantago tincture.Vit e would most likely be the most expensive thing you could try also after the sores are healing well and the skin has grown over and is pink. Hope it's a help.

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Replied by Rena (Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa) on 03/19/2010

Hi Guppydas,

Yes, I am a believer in vitamin C in helping to heal infections. What kind are you taking and at what dose? The H2O2 should have helped by now in increasing your energy, what is your dosage of this in drops to the 5oz? Do be mindful of your nutrition during this healing. Juicing vegetables would be a good way to go, if you don't have a juicer, could you borrow one from a friend? It also sounds like you are not sleeping well, this is also important in your healing, you need to sleep to help keep your immune system strong.

I have seen others post some good suggestions on a poultice, if you can't get manuka honey, or pure local honey, maybe you can try another poultice, there are many that could work.

Do keep the H2O2 and lime/baking soda taken different times of the day, not together. Keep us posted of your progress, Peace, Rena.


Replied by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 03/19/2010

Hi Guppydas...I had what I thought was jock itch (tinea cruris) some while ago and no matter what I tried -- all the powders, drugs, antibiotics etc, it just wouldn't go away and looked awful. I had this problem for 7 years. Nothing seemed to stop it. The same as you, my infection was in the genital and inner thigh area, eventually extending right round to my buttocks and rectal area.

I'm pretty convinced that this was not just jock itch -- but probably involved MRSA as well and I eventually read about the effectiveness of Milk of Magnesia (MoM). Anyway, through reading alot, I decided to try this:

Every night after my shower I would simply apply Milk of Magnesia topically to the whole infected area, front and back with my hands(I applied alot). Then I simply let it dry on my body(it dries quickly to a white dust) and went to bed. I found the MoM to be very soothing and cooling on the skin. Next morning, I would shower all the MoM off thoroughly and repeat this the next evening. And it took only 2 days to completely heal the whole area -- I had normal skin again !!

The are two specific reasons why the MoM remedy worked. First MoM has a pH of 10 which is very high -- no bacteria, virus or fungus can survive it's alkaline effects. Second, MoM is hydrophobic -- drives water away, so not only did MoM kill the bacteria or virus with its high alkaline pH, it also sucked all the water out of these microbes as well.

One warning here -- if you've got sensitive skin, then just apply the MoM for only about 20-30 minutes -- until it dries to dust -- then wash it off and do this twice a day. Also apply a natural moisturizer afterwards like jojoba oil or cocoa butter to remoisturize your skin. And continue alkalizing with lime/Baking Soda and continue taking the H2O2.

Replied by Guppydas (Lamsai, Prathumthani, Thailand) on 03/21/2010

Thank you Rena, Charlotte, Shandy and Bill for your replies.

Today I have a chance to post updates.

I wish I could do turmeric, as I remember, back home, my mother used it for curing many ailments. However, here in Thailand, the turmeric that is available in the shops is so full of additives that I rather not take that. Will have to wait till I get back to India, where I can get fresh turmeric and also pure dried powder.

Currently I live in a Catholic mission run hospice. Unable to go anywhere due to infection and constant pain. I have to depend on the staff or the monks, to get me things. They are typically opposed to idea of anything that is alternative. Initially the staff refused to use H2O2 for cleaning the wounds. They preferred Beta Iodine as some local Doctor taught them that H2O2 is useless and is rather harmful. It took me more than 2 months to convince them. Now they are seeing the effect. The foul smell is reduced and a couple of smaller wounds have shown significant improvement.

I was given a bottle of 3% Food grade H2O2 by a friend who is supporter of alternative treatment. He gets the 35% food grade somehow. From information on another website, I take 5 oz of this 3% H2O2 with non chlorine water or at times mixed with fresh orange juice. The taste gags so I prefer orange juice. But not always. Due to weird schedule of things happening here, I get a chance to drink that once a day. So I make it first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. All 5oz together in one go.

Rest of the day, every 2-3 hours I am eating. I get hungry very fast. Someone suggested I am hypoglycemic. Whatever it is. I can't stand hunger and tend to get cranky and restless. Feel dizzy if it goes on too long.

Food is a bit of a problem in the current situation. In Thailand, rice is the main meal. No matter what you have, breakfast, lunch, dinner, it's rice and something else. On top of it, I am at a place where the show is run by local Thai people. Who think I am crazy when I refuse to eat rice. The point is, eating healthy and getting all nutrition from there is a challenge. However, with help of monks, I am trying to work out something.

I have discussed my needs for Baking soda, ACV/fresh lime, Milk of Magensia with my care taking monk. He is excited to learn about it and has promised me that when he goes out to the nearby town, he will surely get these for me. Just to clarify, this hospice is on a property that is located way out of town. The main street is about 5 Km away and the nearest town/village/shopping is about 15 Km. Monks don't go out so often. So eagerly waiting for that day when I have all the above and start using it. I have a feeling, a very strong feeling about this and it is positive. I am sure it will help heal the wound faster.

On Vitamin C. A friend has sent me some crystalline powder form of Vitamin C. Suppose to take a teaspoon full in a litre of water and drink it in parts. Haven't started it yet. Wanted to know if it is ok to do that alongside H2O2. Now I know I can, as long as they are taken far apart. So I will need to readjust my schedule to incorporate that. I think 1 teaspoon = 4 gms. (4000 mg). Been told to increase the dosage till I get diarrhea and then drop a step back.

Thank you all once again for your kind help and support to me during my difficult times. I will keep posting as and when I can, about progress on my healing.

I wish you peace beyond all understanding. Thank you.

PS: Please excuse my typos. It is difficult to sit comfortably and spend quality time in typing properly. I hope you understand.

Replied by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 03/23/2010

Hi Guppydas,

Seeing that you are in Thailand, I am going to assume young coconuts are readily available to you. I don't think there would be opposition to you taking these. They are full of nutrition and very healing. Google about young Thai coconuts and you will see all the benefits. They could help you with several of your issues. I hope this info helps. Best to you, Lisa


Replied by Guppydas (Lamsai, Prathumthani, Thailand) on 04/23/2010

Greetings all,

Here I am once again. Failed at H2O2 therapy to get rid of my infection and the wounds around my buttocks, inner thighs and groin area.

I was convinced that there is more to this infection and hence spent many hours reading EC and all the posts. Cross referencing with other material available on internet. I knew I was missing something. Something very elementary.

Besides that, friends a quick reminder. I am bed ridden with this ailment. Energy levels at the rock bottom. It is hot here in this part of the world. Day temperatures are as high as 39 Celcius (I.e almost 102 F, if my conversion is correct) and it does not help. This part of the world, simple things are impossible or unheard of. I remember someone suggested to drink young fresh coconut. Strange but true, young fresh coconut is NOT available in this part of this country. I am completely dependent on my charm, luck and bit of broken Thai to get my message across to Thai staff of this Hospice to understand what I need.

So here is the latest. Finally I did manage to explain I wanted Baking Soda, ACV, Turmeric Powder, Milk of Magnesia (without aluminium) and fresh lime. I also got some help from a friend who had some pure Vitamin C powder. He also had some good quality Baking soda and he sent me some. Eventually the staff managed Lime, Turmeric powder and Milk of Magnesia.

Now here is my plan. I will start with :

1 teaspoon of Vitamin C, mixed in water or fresh fruit juice to sip through the day
1 Lime 1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda and water x 3 times a day

Will continue this for first couple of days or even 4 days. Then I will begin with 1 teaspoon Turmeric powder with either warm water or chocolate flavoured milk. Maybe with warm water and then chase it with chocolate milk.

For physical cleaning of wounds, first wash it with H2O2, then apply some Beta Iodine and finally put some Milk of Magnesia and do the dressing. The staff has understood the procedure well.

I know the taste of Turmeric. I am Indian and my mother used to make warm milk with Turmeric in it whenever I was down with severe cold and cough. It gives me jitters to think that I am going to drink that again. Maybe it won't be as bad. Whatever, I am fed-up of this sickness and want to be normal again. I may also sprinkle some on my food.

My logic behind this is simple. All my previous attempts, including H2O2 did not succeed as my body was highly acidic. Due to bad life style over past several years, I am not surprised that I have terrible pH. So first things first. Get pH in order... then attack the infection. Please note, I am also diagnosed HIV positive so my natural immune system in not that great. In addition, the food I get here is not alkalising at all.

I would be adjusting dosage of alkalising formula to speed up the process, following Ted's suggestions. Same with Turmeric. I will try and post progress on regular basis, for those who wish to follow. I will be posting it on my personal blog anyway but for reasons I will not mention my personal blog URL here. As there are some commercial aspect and may not fall within rules of EC forum. However, I am more than happy to share the URL if someone wished to. Maybe EC would show the URL as an exception to the case or maybe not. Whatever, I will surely post the progress here for benefit of those who wish to know what happens.

My infection is chronic. I had same problem some 10-11 years ago, in the same region and it was removed after a long surgery, in Australia. I was living in Australia at that time. It surfaced again this time it won't respond to any treatment. This time due to circumstances, I am unable to get surgery and I feel that is blessing in disguise else I would have never found EC site and the wonderful information that is available here.

Starting tomorrow, 24 April, Thailand, I will be doing the above mentioned regime. Look forward to my progress.

Thanks to all who replied to my earlier post. Thanks Bill particularly for his explanations. Thanks to Ted and of course HUGE thanks to EC team. GOD Bless you.

[email protected]

PS: Please excuse my typos as I can't sit and type. I have to lay on bed with notebook on tummy. Not particularly comfortable for typing.


Replied by Guppydas (Lamsai, Prathumthani, Thailand) on 04/26/2010

A quick update on my new regime.

It is day 4 today. One thing for sure, something IS happening. Yesterday evening, I fell asleep and woke up today morning. In the night, the wounds discharged a lot of fluids, pus mixed with blood and foul smelling. Two points, one the fact that it discharged the fluids and second is that it happened while I was sleeping and didn't pain.

For me these are great break breakthrough. First been able to sleep for two nights in a row. Sleep peacefully without disturbance or waking up. No need for pain killers.

All this, while I am still only on pH balancing. Turmeric will start tomorrow. I have posted the daily routine on my blog, mentioned in previous message, under category of Alternative Therapy.

I am really excited to be able to heal my self and also to share the progress. I feel this should clear a lot many doubts in minds of people who still doubt the power of natural remedies to heal.

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