Seeking natural cures for atypical meningioma

Posted By Ray (Texas) on 05/08/2015

Atypical meningioma: This is my first post. I just had an atypical tumor removed 4/28. I need for anybody that had gone or know somebody gone thru same procedure, of any available natural treatments/medications to prevent/stop tumor from returning and growing. Thanks

Replied by Nyein (Yangon, Myanmar, South East Asia) on 08/04/2016

I'm also a Atypical meningioma patient and removed the tumor last month. I am also looking for the natural remedies to cure. The doctor prescribe to take vitamin B complex . folic acid. Then I found out in google that cancer cell will not be grown if you take antioxident. So please take antioxidant food and fresh green vegetable as much as you can in a day. Don't drink tea, coffee, milk too. Take green tea only. Then take liquid of ground or brewed carrot, green cabbage, onion and garlic which are very strong to discourage the growth of cancer cell. Those are the things I am taking. But you should need to consult to your doctor suggestion before you take those. All the best ..

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