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Seeking effective psoriasis treatment for child

Posted By Meryll (Miami, Florida) on 05/18/2015

Hi! My daughter was diagnosed with psoriasis at age 3 and at first I thought it was allergies until I found out it was psoriasis. She had it all over her body as well as her scalp and I was told to use the gel shampoo and some other prescription creams but it didn't help. I went on forums and blogs and found that most people say their diet and natural remedies worked. I started on the diet and cut out dairy and meat from her diet. I then went on to olive oil and tea tree and glycerin and a few others and still it only increased. Any advice on what to do?

Replied by Tina (San Luis Obispo, Ca) on 05/29/2015

Avocado oil works wonders for me. Also cutting back on gluten and dairy has made a difference as well. But avocado oil applied topically is amazing.

Replied by Meryll (Miami, Florida) on 11/03/2015

Thanks Tina! How do I apply avocado oil? Am I going to use the pureed ripe fruit or avocado oil can be bought commercially?

Replied by Volitapearl (Auckland, New Zealand ) on 11/17/2016

Hi Meryll,

I know this is an old post but I hope you found the answer to your daughter's skin condition. I suffered from it till 15 all over my scalp and was prescribed acid like shampoos by doctors. I got so desperate I went to a Health food store and they recommended going gluten free. I went gluten free for 3 months and it totally disappeared. I am to this day gluten free and chemical free in diet and also with cosmetics. It only comes back when I eat gluten or food chemicals.

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