Urgent Remedies Needed for Kidney Failure, Stage 5

Posted By Anthony (Dallas, Texas ) on 01/05/2017

Kidney failure

Needing help on finding ways to salvage my kidneys they are in stage 5 functioning around 15%. Looking for remedys to keep my creatine, potassium and phosphorus levels down and my kidney functioning up. I have read TONS of articles and at home remedies, but, I'm still very leary of these things. However, I AM very hopeful that I can find some things that can assist me in my journey and to hold off "the machine" for as long as I can. ANY help, advice and or remedies to help assist me is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Replied by Aurora (Mason City, LA) on 01/05/2017

My grand daughter had to have a kidney transplant, so I read a lot about kidneys and how to keep it from happening, in the end because her being a minor there was not much I could do. But I read about an Indian doctor that used Castor oil packs on his kidneys, to improve them, I like this remedy because is not invasive and you could probably do it in conjunction with other treatments, I am going to look for the article and post it here on EC, if I can find it. I hope you can find other things that will work for you.
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Replied by Timh (Ky) on 01/06/2017

Anthony: First, I suppose you fail to see any scientific or empirical validity in your prior reading, so you must first tell yourself that many of these natural remedies are indeed, to a significant degree, safe & effective. First, take Cranberry Softgels to remove infection in the bladder. Next, take Dr Christopher's Kidney/Bladder herbal formula to further remove infection and waste. Let me know of your progress.
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Replied by Harry (Los Angeles) on 01/15/2017

Hi Anthony,

I'm no expert about kidney function and don't have much experience with it personally. However, I think you may find the video below very interesting, especially beginning at 9:30:


They touch on a study with mice who they say were effectively on kidney dialysis whose kidney function was restored with a high fat (what they refer to as a ketogenic) diet.

The two video participants, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Carrie Diulus, say that most kidney issues are caused by diabetes and that a ketogenic diet is also a very effective strategy for managing or even reversing diabetes. And I recall Dr. Mercola raving about the benefits of a high fat diet for everybody, for the same reason, I think, that it doesn't cause blood sugar to fluctuate (and maybe for other reasons, too).

FWIW, I also seem to recall the amazing Charlotte Gerson saying that protein stresses the kidneys, especially animal and dairy proteins.

I hope you find it interesting and helpful.

P.S. Might I ask if you know why your kidney function is so impaired?


Replied by Harry (Los Angeles) on 01/16/2017

P.S. I found the article that follows by Dr. Sircus to be quite fascinating and thought you might find it interesting, too. Among other things, it says that a 2006 Chinese study showed that fluoride damages children's liver and kidney function and that reduced kidney function dramatically increases people's susceptibility to fluoride poisoning by dramatically reducing the percentage of fluoride the body is exposed to that's excreted.

That suggests to me that you might want to take careful, but dramatic, steps to minimize your fluoride exposure and take supplements that protect you from it as much as possible. I understand that iodine is something that does exactly that. And I've read that boron (ingested via Borax) does, too (although this article seems to suggest otherwise by saying that iodine is the only thing that is fluoride protective).

Anyway, here's a link to the article:



Replied by Edie (Berkeley, CA) on 01/16/2023

6 Years later, I wonder what you learned. I was just diagnosed and just at the beginning of learning.

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