Politely requesting teds help for renal cell carcinoma

Posted By Chance (London) on 04/10/2014

Dear Ted,

I would be be deeply appreciative for your advise. I have Kidney cancer, which had invaded the vena cava. My left kidney was removed, 18 months ago. After the operation I was in considerable pain for over a year. I was prescribed co- codamol, but I have discovered, that long term use, causes colon cancer.

I have been told recently that my cancer has returned, but has not metastastised, then 3 weeks later, I am now being told that it has. And they want to immediately start chemo. I do not believe their story, as I have been taking Selenium, initially 200 mcg a day, and now 700 mcg a day.

Please can you advise. Chance


Replied by Mike62 (Denver, CO) on 04/11/2014

Chance: I went to the fortune teller just to see what condition my condition was in. She said the bad news is I am sick, suffering, stupid, and schizophrenic. The good news is you can get well at the Olympic committee of folk medicine. The gold medal goes to raw eggs. Pastured are best. Organic cage free are good enough. During the night turn on the light and read the first saga in the folk medicine bible. An old woman, who had two days to live, ate 66 raw organic cage free eggs in two days and recovered. Need I say more. The silver medal goes to raw organic fruit. Berries are best. You can make smoothies with the peels. There is a video of a twenty seven year old who recovered from fourth stage glandular cancer, the worst kind, in three weeks eating mostly raw organic fruit. People say do not eat sugar because cancer eats sugar. The three wise men did not believe Herod. The cancer does not eat the sugar because the nutrients create an atmosphere where cells thrive and the tumor dies. A dead tumor does not eat sugar. The bronze medal goes to drinking green smoothies every couple hours made from the best vegetable, organic baby leaves, and the best herb, organic chili. You can add some unrefined sea salt.

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