Seeking Natural Remedies for Multiple Nodular Goiters

Posted By Huma (Chicago, Illinois ) on 04/24/2016

I have multiple nodular goiters. Some days I have lethargy and muscle aches. Other days r fine..-normal. I have a feeling of some thing small in throat when I swallow tortia bread or water. I don't feel anything while eating other food. And it doesn't hurt me. Any natural remedy suggestions that can help?

Replied by Missfancypants (Western Australia) on 04/26/2016

Have you had your iodine levels checked? Goiters are caused by low iodine, and as the thyroid is a hugh mineral user maybe get those checked as well.
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Replied by Mary (Ghana) on 08/18/2016

It now coming and I don't feel any pain.

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