Need Urgent Help for Friend Whose Joints Are Dissolving and in Severe Pain

Posted By Looms (Hawaii ) on 02/16/2022

I have a friend who is desperate. His joints are dissolving! The doctor says his X-rays look like he has termites eating all of them! He is in severe pain and no doctors have any idea what’s going on! Has anyone heard of this?

Replied by Magnolia (US) on 02/17/2022

I had a friend with something similar. Due to repeated cortisone injections into painful joints, her bones began to dissolve - turned soft so they could be scooped out. Over time she had many joint replacements, lost a lot of weight, was on heavy pain medication all her life. As much pain as she was in, she tried to stay positive in her attitude and took joy in family and friends and laughter.

She lived for decades with this and died about 2 years ago, I cannot remember what the exact cause of death was. She was remarkable in the amount of pain she endured. Your friend needs specialists - bone, pain, etc. I think most of my friend's drs. were in Orlando, FL. I don't know if your friend's situation is the exact same or not, but it does not sound like it will be a smooth easy solution to me. One of my friend's greatest disappointments was in not being able to receive a hug from her young grandchildren, as her bones would break. This is one of the horrible, life-changing illnesses out there. I really don't remember what the drs. called it. I lost touch with them when I moved away.

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Replied by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 02/17/2022

hi Looms, I would make your friend an appointment with an herbalist, and also an appointment with a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, right away. They treat each person individually, and will work with you to your specific symptoms.

Replied by Beverly (Oakdale, TN) on 04/16/2023

My mom suffers from this condition as well. She's had many of her joints replaced. I can't prove my theory currently, but I believe it's from the consumption of fluoride. This toxic substance is added to the municipal water supply in most cities and towns across America. It's also in concentrated amounts in tea. (There is good information about this online.)
My mom has drank A LOT of tea (made with tap water) most of her life… nearly a gallon a day! I believe this is the cause of many of her health problems. Fluoride also calcifies your pineal gland (often called the third eye) causing a loss of many of the higher brain functions.
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Replied by Art (California) on 04/16/2023


Such a high dose of green tea (nearly a gallon per day) can cause liver disease or damage. Liver disease can cause joint problems and painful joints. The following overview describes how large amounts of tea can affect the liver negatively : tea extract and, more, urgent liver transplantation or death.

Here is a relevant quote from the overview :

' Green tea extract and, more rarely, ingestion of large amounts of green tea have been implicated in cases of clinically apparent acute liver injury, including instances of acute liver failure and either need for urgent liver transplantation or death.'

The following study describes how liver problems can negatively impact joints :

Here is a relevant quote :

' A cause of joint pain in people with liver disease is arthritis, which is inflammation of the joints. Arthritis can cause joint swelling, stiffness, and pain. '

That is an unusually large amount of tea per day. Is her doctor aware that she drinks that much tea per day and has he tested her liver enzymes lately? If not he should. Doctors should be aware that a component of tea, EGCG, can damage the liver and given the amount she is drinking, should be a consideration in trying to determine what is causing her joint pains. At a minimum a liver enzyme test should be done in order to rule out liver damage as a potential cause for her pain.

You might suggest to your mom to take a vacation from tea to see if it is helpful in reducing her pain. If her liver enzymes turn out to be elevated, definitely stop the tea intake.


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Replied by Magnolia (US) on 04/17/2023

I had a friend who had this and it was caused by cortisone injections into painful joints. Had just about every joint replaced and lived in severe pain all her life. She died of an unrelated disease at the beginning of the pandemic, but not of covid.
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Replied by Rob (Kentucky) on 04/17/2023

It sounds like Infectious Arthritis "IA" to me. Bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus and Straptococcus are the most common causes of bacterial infectious arthritis. Some viruses also initiate arthritic disorders. Parovirus is common and can cause IA in children or adults, also Candida "yeast", even Lyme's disease just to name afew.

Suggestion: I would go on Oregano oil capsules (internally) for a long time if it's server case.


Topically: I would use my Menthol-Camphor Extra Strength Formula that I make. I've had good results with it on the joint affliction in a very short time. Let's just say stronger that anything on the US market. We use it on the horses.

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Replied by Christine (perth Western Australia) on 04/21/2023

One particular characteristic of DMSO is that it crystallizes under 18.5°C / 65°F and can even go solid and/or freeze if left long enough under this threshold. This does not spoil the DMSO and it is still perfectly fine to use. During the colder months the temperature during transportation can be several degrees below 18.5°C / 65°F, therefore causing the product to crystallize on its way ...
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Replied by Jose (Pensacola FL ) on 04/22/2023

Use proteolytic enzymes to accelerate healing and reduce pain. The enzymes must be taken on an empty stomach. Wait at least an hour after taking the enzymes before eating.

Take a high quality curcumin supplement for additional pain relief.

Take Type 2 collagen to provide the nutrient that is necessary to rebuild the joint cartilage.

Daily long term usage of these three supplements is necessary.

After 3 weeks there should be noticable improvement with pain and mobility.

After 3 months there should be significant improvement.

Depending on the amount of joint damage, it may take a year or longer for complete cartilage repair.

The Type 2 collagen needs to be taken indefinitely.

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Replied by Tom (currently Tucson, AZ) on 04/23/2023

Hi Looms and I agree with the reco for taking Type 2 collagen to try to rebuild joint cartilage. Maybe each and every joint will not recover, like my long-ago injured shoulder, but the intricate skeletal cartilage system will be supported.

I take a 500 mg capsule of SwansonVitamins or PipingRock brands of chicken sternum (CS) daily because I have seen CS restore the cartilage in people's knees, hips, etc. They were able to cancel their hip and knee replacements after about 4 months or sooner.

15 years ago, my knees were loose in their sockets and taking chicken sternum restored them, improving my knees almost immediately and by filling in the cartilage over about 4 months.

I also take 2 capsules of the NOW brand calcium hydroxyapatite (CH) caps which cures my previously sensitive teeth. CH is the bioavailable form of calcium found in teeth and bones.

2 capsules is a total of 500 mg of calcium which is the max daily dose of calcium that should be taken, according to Dr. Shallenberger of and his free Health Alert emails.

I see lifetime CH as a logical preventive and restorative for osteoporosis. LuckyVitamin seems to consistently have the best price for CH, although SwansonVitamins and PipingRock also carry it.

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