Intense Pain Years After Being Hit With Brass Knuckles - Brother Needs Help

Posted By Doyler (Ireland) on 10/17/2021

Hi loving earth clinic community,

My brother is in awful shape.

It started a number of years ago, someone punched him in the shoulder with a knuckle thing on their hands, couple of week later, it started out as a wound then got bigger, fast forward 10 years later, he got cancer on the area where he was hit. It was treated and had a check up with an MRI, ever since then he has piercing pain in that area, (even though he was checked for cancer again) and feels from years ago, a piece of metal could have been left in there and the MRI triggered it. Sometimes, the pain goes over to the other shoulder.

He also now has excruciating pain in his lower abdomen right side, that he cannot even sleep. He went for numerous amount of tests, nothing came up, had blood work done, colonoscopy, scans, colonic irrigation.

I am of the mind, he has been misdiagnosed and it is gallbladder stones. Anyone have any advice or suggestions? He is in agony, to top this, he just lost his son.

Life could not be more cruel sometimes : (


Replied by Gerrit (British Columbia) on 10/17/2021

Doyler, if you think your brother has gall stones, why not go and buy him a bottle of CHANCA PIEDRA.
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Replied by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 10/18/2021

Doyler, for a start, you can apply healing clay poultices to the painful areas.
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