Stage 5 Renal Failure and Dialysis

Posted By Vicky (South Africa) on 08/22/2014

I am on stage 5 of kidney failure, dialysing 3 time a week for 4 hours. Who can help me stabilise my kidneys and get off dialysis..

Thank you

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Replied by Happy (W VA, US) on 08/22/2014


some people with kidney failure have recorded almost miraculous results using cordyceps fungus . Do some searching on interenet using "cordyceps + kidney +disease" .... etc etc.

Originally from Tibet. It is widely available now from laboratory grown operations. I do not know which is the best brand, or source to recommend.

I have had no experience treating kidney disease with it. It is worth a shot. It is fairly inexpensive.

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Replied by Edie (Berkeley, CA) on 01/16/2023

How did it work out? Did you find a way to get off Dialysis?

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