Have Your Mother Try Cod Liver Oil

Posted By Bessie (Vancouver, BC, Canada) on 01/02/2008

Response to Norene from Dewitt. Has your mother tried cod liver oil for her joints and depression? It contains Vitamin D (most of us are deficient in that) but it also helps with inflammation (such as arthritis). That, along with lots of water (older people tend to be dehydrated) might help her. The cod liver oil is available in liquid or capsule form. Make sure it's high-grade. If you look under "Cures" and "J" for joint pain on this site, you'll find more suggestions. Good luck!

Replied by Norene (Dewitt, Michigan) on 12/31/2007

I'm writing for my mother.' She's 78 years old and gets reactions to any over the counter or prescriptions she takes, including herbs.  Her symptoms seem to be related to her joints.  Her hands swell and are painful; her hip is very painful and has a hard time walking; stiff neck as well.  She has gotten worse this winter and is very depressed and negative.  She's gone to physicans and allergists and there doesn't seem to be anything that helps.  Any suggestions you have would be very helpful. Thank you

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