I Have Developed a Goiter Since Taking Kelp

Posted By Katrina (Brush, Co) on 02/11/2016

I discovered I might be thyroid deficient when I found lump on my breast. I researched and found that iodine deficiency was my problem. I started taking 650 mcg of kelp and the lump reduced. Then I noticed a small goiter on my thyroid. I've search the internet for answers but all I find is to take more kelp or iodine. I think the iodine may have caused the goiter. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen and what they did to shrink or help it?

Replied by Dianec (Ca.) on 02/12/2016

All I know about Goiters is something my mother told me: My late grandmother developed a Goiter on her neck back in the early 1930's in New Mexico. A doctor had her place plain Iodine on the Goiter and my mother told me that the Goiter went away. I also believe that the Iodine in those days was much stronger than the Iodine sold today.
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