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Feedback about believes psoriasis is linked to digestion

Posted By Bradshad (North Providence, Rhode Island) on 06/29/2012

Thanks for your feed back Bill from Phillipines. I am pretty sure that my candida although not perfect is in check. I cleared 75% recently and I had my fair share of b ananas, raisins and other fruits each day for 3 months. This for me I think is my stomach not breaking down the foods and the food is rotting and then therefore turning into psoriasis after the taxed liver and kidneys cant get rid of it I read the next major and biggest organ to come into play is the skin. My ph was spot on for 3 months straight, I as vegan, I proper food combined, I did everything I could yet my bowel movements were not normal, I had alot of kidney pain, urine dark still at times, headaches after meals, and the psoriatic arthritis improved very little. So after all that being said I believe my stomach was still viewing all this as toxins. Will take any more feedback please. Thanks, Brad

Replied by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 06/29/2012

Hi Bradshad... If you are having problems digesting your food due to low stomach acid then you shoud follow this simple protocol:

* Take betaine hydrochloride and pancreatin at mealtimes. Keep raising the dosage of betaine until you get an acid feeling in your stomach then cut back by one tablet. After a while, you will again get an acid feeling in your stomach, so cut back again until you no longer have to take the betaine and your stomach acid is at normal strength levels again.

* Take Sea Salt outside mealtimes -- 1/2 tsp with water twice a day. This supplies the necessary chloride to create more stomach acid (hydrochloric acid).

* Take Ted's sodium bicarbonate with water remedy -- 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of Sodium Bicarb with water. Take this 1/2 hour to 1 hour after you eat all meals when your stomach is empty and the food has moved into the duodenum for main stage digestion(alkaline).

Doing the above protocol will help to regenerate proper levels of stomach acid again. If proper acid strength levels are not maintained, the pancreatic enzymes will not be triggered for main stage duodenal digestion -- and the food will just stagnate and rot in the gut.

Taking sodium bicarb and water addresses the problem of possible lack of bicarbonates in the pancreatic enzyme solution or juices. These bicarbonates are needed to neutralize the acid chyme moving from the stomach into the duodenum for main stage digestion. If there is a lack of bicarbonates in the pancreatic juices -- the food chyme will stay acidic causing complications.

This protocol should rapidly improve your digestion problems.


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