Father with recurring meningioma

Posted By Davin (Singapore) on 09/25/2012

Dear Ted, At 2009 my dad was diagnosed with frontal meningioma. He had an operation (craniotomy and debulking of tumor) to remove the tumor. A cranioplasty was done after that.

At oct 2011, my dad was admitted again due to recurrent memingioma. Craniotomy was done again. The cranioplasty metal plate was removed and they found pus. The pus was tested positive of bacteria and was treated with antibiotics. Operation was done after the bacteria was treated. Doctors examined the tumor found it to be in Grade III & malignant.

Feb 2012 an MRI was done and found a recurrent meningioma and 5 cycle of radiation was done. The tumor was diminished but not totally. However right sided weakness was still constant.

April 2012, another MRI was done and found out that the original tumor was gone but there was new tumor 1.67 by 2cm found at the frontal lobe. Doctor said that it wasnt affecting his movement and decided to treat it conservatively.

June 2012, another MRI was done and that new tumor had increased to 3.5 by 3cm. On the surface of the sculp the were numeral tumors growing. 15 cycles of radiation was done for the surface tumors.

However he was weaker after the radiation in August. In september, he vomitted and was admitted in hospital. He detiorated in hospital and was semi unconscious. MRI was done again and the tumor increased to 7.4 by 7cm.

Doctor adviced to manage as conservative as the tumor will grow again if operation was done. He was on hydrocortisone 4mg 4 times daily and phenytoin 500mg on night.

Please advise.


Replied by Wayseeker (Modesto, Ca/ Usa) on 09/27/2012

Not advice, but just read research on Lypospheric Vit- C, and could clearly help to resolve this particular issue quite rapidly, and do no harm, according to what was said. Worth a try? --T.

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