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Diagnosed with psoriasis in ear

Posted By Shaina (Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa) on 10/08/2011

I was diagnosed with Psoriasis about 7 years ago. Originally it was mainly just in my scalp and behind my ears. Fortunately, I have that under control. I found that the over the counter T/Gel from Neutrogena works well for me for the scalp. After I had my son 18 months ago, I started having really bad psoriasis flare ups INSIDE my ear. Does anyone else ever have this issue? Or any ideas on what is safe and good to use for it? Sometimes it flares up so bad, I wake up unable to hear out of one of my ears and that will last for weeks at a time. Any ideas would be extremely helpful! I'm trying witch hazel, which helps a little, but it's risky putting it inside the ear. Thanks for any feedback in advance!

Replied by Jay (Toronto, Ont, Canada) on 10/09/2011

To Shaina from Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa. If you want to get rid of both your ear and scalp psoriasis, use pure organic virgin coconut oil both on your scalp and in your ears. You should also eat a couple of spoonfulls per day. This is a very safe and gentle method and can even be used on your son for any skin rashes that may occur. Ideally massage the coconut oil into your scalp before bed and wash out in the morning. You can put some in your ears at night as well. You should see an improvement within days but continue the treatment for a while beyond any early success or you will see it return.

Replied by Art (Tustin, California Usa) on 02/14/2012

In Response to Jay from Toronto:

I have ear and scalp psoriasis and virgin coconut oil was ineffective as a topical and/or oral treatment to control the symptoms.

I was finally able to control it with a hair product that contains the following ingredients:

Mineral Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Retinol (Vitamin A), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Matricaria Extract, Goldenseed Extract, Hops Extract, Soap Bark Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, Cherry Bark Extract, Calendula Extract, Henna Extract, Horsetail Plant Extract, Saflower Oil, Lanolin Oil, Propylparaben, Fragrance (Parfum), D&C #11, O&C Red #17.

I noticed improvement within the first week of use and overall it has been as effective or better than anything I have tried on my scalp over the past 30 years. It is gentle on my ears also and has a light pineapple scent. It is not a cure, but it definitely helps to control my scalp and ear psoriasis. I purchase it at my local Walmart for under $7 a bottle. Oddly, it does not seem to help alleviate psoriasis on other areas of my body. I assume its purpose is to help stimulate hair growth, but I certainly have not noticed that benefit after over three months of use.



Replied by Radeoflyar (Jackson , Tn, Us) on 08/13/2012

HELP IS HERE fellow psoriasis sufferers! I have had psoriasis for several years but have in the past year had bouts on my shin, elbows, and scalp. I have tried taking ACV internally and topically with little effect, I have done liver cleanses, homeopathic ointments, tea tree oil, prescription steroid creams, I've been through it all as most of us have.

My mom is always raving about wintergreen oil and its antiseptic and miracle like qualities, so I dappled some on my neck and scalp with a cotton ball (no carrier oil). It burned like hellfire for about 2 minutes, almost to the point of tears. But listen 2 days later the scaling was COMPLETELY gone, the redness greatly faded, the skin was smooth and I could finally pull my hair up. Two days! I wish I could flash this on a billboard so all could see. I found that the next time I applied the oil (every other day) it burned less and the evil scaly redness faded dramatically. It is as if the wintergreen zapped it away.

Please all give it a try and share your results.


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