Definitions of Abbreviations and Terms, Please?

Posted By Warren (Sydney, NSW - Australia) on 02/20/2008

My wife was dignosed in May 2007 with Plural Mesothelioma. Traditional medical opinion is that there is NO cure and NO treatment and that on the average a patient could last 9 months after discovery. We were told that all they can do is monitor the progress of the Mesothelioma and possiblly treat the symptoms as they appear (i.e. pain). My wife has been taking a course products from America with good results up to now, but recently showing signs of exhaustion and shortness of breath. We are very open to trying anything that could assist her. But whilst I have found your information very interesting I cannot understand the terms and abreviations used. We would be very interested in the Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy and the Colloidal Silver treatment but need help. (What are H2O2,Oil Pulling, ACV, Free Silver, N-Acetyl of CoQ10 or Ubequenone) - I am sorry but I'm lost and need help. Regards

Replied by EC

h202 = hydrogen peroxide, acv = apple cider vinegar, Oil Pulling (read more here), N-Acetyl and Q10 are supplements...

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