Multiple Health Issues After Gallbladder and Thyroid Removal - Please Help

Posted By Steve (Westport, New Zealand) on 02/14/2022

Hi, wanting to ask about my wife's health - it's pretty long, so please bear with me.

Years ago, she had abdominal pain, that was diagnosed as caused by gallstones (she did have gallstones) Her gallbladder was duly removed, and within a few weeks, she had ballooned up to twice her size. It did not fix her abdominal pains. The doctors were at a loss as to why she ballooned up.

Fast forward several years, and following the birth of our youngest, the midwife noticed some swelling at the base of my wife's neck. Commenting that she had some concerns about the swelling, she requested it to be checked out. A biopsy was done, and the outcome was that my wife was put on the urgent list for thyroid removal. This was done, and we were under the impression that it was a complete thyroidectomy. Some years later, we discovered with some shock, that she had undergone a partial thyroidectomy! She is now on prescription multivitamins, B-Complex, calcium, and a thyroxine substitute.

During all this time, she has unexplained weight gain, mostly around her hips and thighs, which she cannot lose, despite all efforts. (the medical profession had been next to useless about this, just keep telling her that she is obese, and needs to lose weight). What is weird though, is that food passes straight through her, often within 30 minutes from when she has eaten. To try and counter this, she eats a lot of white bread and pasta, to try to 'bung herself up.' She has undergone colonoscopies and endoscopy, but nothing has been revealed with either of those. She has been prescribed a slow-release form of codeine, to counteract the problem, which does help, although the long-term effects of such a treatment can't be good. Breathing issues have developed, but she is not asthmatic.

During a trip to the hospital following another bout of abdominal pain, it was discovered that she had endometriosis. That meant a hysterectomy.

While my wife's weight issues seem to indicate Lipedema, I am not sure if it is. I have been wondering if all her problems are related, seeing as they have to do with hormones and metabolism.

As we have only just found this website, we are reaching out for any advice that anyone has, as we now have zero faith in the medical profession. Aside from her prescription meds, she has started taking hydrogen peroxide, in water, and inhaled. She has noted that the inhalation is proving very beneficial, as it helps her to breathe much more easily. She wants to get completely off the prescribed meds, as we have concerns over the long-term effects.

Thanks in advance.

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Replied by Jgny (Thousand Islands) on 02/15/2022

I am sorry for your wife, sounds similar to my story. My gallbladder was removed back in 96. The weight gain took off! Then my thyroid swelled, full of nodules, they wanted to remove it but I refused. I read about Lugols iodine protocol and started that, it definitely shrunk my goiter but then I gained an additional 20 pounds! So I backed off the iodine. I went on the keto diet, lost 70 pounds but after 2 years the doctor said I was in worse health from that diet. Now I just try to stay low to moderate carbs. Life without a gallbladder is certainly difficult! I have the same reaction of diarrhea after my first meal of the day! We need a gallbladder very much! That surgeon said I'd never miss it! Boy was he wrong!
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