Can Natural Remedies Reverse Stage 4 Kidney Disease?

Posted By Hiba (Texas) on 12/07/2015

Hi, I have a FSGS kidney disease and I was told that I am now on Stage 4. I was given Lisiniprol and Baking soda for my treatment as well as cholesterol medicine. I was told to stay away from potassium!!

My question, is there any natural treatment to reverse my condition ??? and prevent Dialysis!!!!

I am trying to conceive but I was told that it is too dangerous for me and the only way is to have a good kidney health!!!

Your assistance is much appreciated.

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Replied by Mary (Illinois) on 12/10/2015

Not sure if this will help or not, but my customer had been put on the kidney transplant list for a short time due to kidney failure. I had suggested he get off the soda pop, he had heard it somewhere before along time ago. He went off the soda and the doc actually took him off the transplant list cause he was doing better. I hope you get better soon

Replied by Ravee (Dubai) on 12/11/2015

Hi Hiba,

Yes, there are natural treatments for FSGS Kidney diseases. There are many Naturopathic / Holistic Doctors successfully treat this condition irrespective of stages and also take off dialysis. Considering your young age, recovery rate is also pretty high. If you google you will find a good naturopath / holistic doctor near your place. However, one that comes to my mind is Dr. Jenna Henderson. Quite an accomplished ND.

Meanwhile, watch out for excess refined carbs and protien (meat & dairy) load on your body which is burdening your kidney and in all probability inadequate water intake which exacerbate the condition of kidney. We must consume at least 50 ml per kg body weight to flush out toxins mainly uric acid and other metabolic waste products. So an average adult of 60kg body weight should consume about 3 liters of water per day.

So the starting point can be:

  • Adequate water intake.
  • Stay away from Meat, Dairy and Refined Carbs for few months.
  • Increase intake of Green Juices / Vegetables / Salads which synegestically supply all the vitamins and minerals required for the body to do its own natural healing.
  • Get your Vitamin D level tested and supplement one tablet 50000IU per week if levels are below 50 ng/dL.

Cholesterol medication (Statins): Kidney damage is one of several reported risks and side effects for statins. So weigh in the benefits v/s risks.

Cholesterol is the important raw material body produces and among the many functions it does it has main role in maintaining Cellular integrity, all hormones are derived from cholesterol including your Vitamin D (where cholesterol converts to Vit.D2 in the presence of sun light UVB).

Elevated cholesterol indicates higher inflammation (oxidative stress) in the body. By incorporating the above four (bullet points) action plan, you will be naturally reducing the inflammation and consequently Cholesterol levels will normalize by themselves.

Of course as Mary mentioned staying away from Soda pops and refined carbs will help a lot in healing process.

Wishing you speedy recovery and happy motherhood.


Replied by Edie (Berkeley, CA) on 01/16/2023

How did things work out for you?

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