Bill question about atypical papillary cells

Posted By Rita (Wareham, MA) on 11/04/2014

Hello Bill, I just had a biopsy of a breast and the diagnosis is atypical- papillary. I was told if I have one of these there's no problem. But if you have two there might be issues. Now they want to do surgery to clear out that area...

I'm thinking I should go on pure gum spirits twice a week as you directed with castor oil and honey...Is there any advice you could forward that might be helpful...I am hesitant with all medical people as I have seen many wrong calls in the medical profession...Thank you very much..


Replied by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 11/05/2014

Hi Rita...By all means take the turpentine protocol if you think you need to do this.

However, for problems like breast cysts and cancer of the breast it is generally accepted and confirmed, through the alternative research, to be caused by a lack of iodine in the diet and so I think that supplementing iodine on a daily basis would perhaps benefit your condition even more.

This short, interesting video by Dr Jorge Flechas will fill you in on the reasons to take iodine for problems in the breast and uterus, which I'm sure will interest you:

Iodine Deficiency and Estrogen Dominance Disease -- Dr Jorge Flechas

And Iodine from a much wider health perspective:

Iodine, Thyroid and Health -- Dr Brownstein

So I would simply advise that you supplement and take the Iodine Protocol with companion nutrients on a daily basis for your problem in order to correct your iodine, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. See this link for the protocol:

The Iodine Protocol


Replied by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 11/05/2014

Hi Rita...It might also benefit you to see an Iodine-literate doctor for monitoring purposes and for further advice and help with your problem.

To this end, here is a list of iodine literate doctors in the US and there are several in your area:

Iodine Literate Doctors in the US


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