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Believes psoriasis is linked to digestion

Posted By Bradshad (North Providence, Rhode Island) on 06/25/2012

Need help. Have had psoriasis since I was 5. I have had psoriatic psoriasis since I was 25. Im currently 36. Started holistically 18 months ago. Been there, done that. Supplements, dairy/gluten free, cleanses, liver cleanses, liver flush, read all about candida, leaky gut, etc.. Etc.. 3 months ago I started Proper Food Combining under minimal guidance from a hlistic Dr. I took it to a higher level by going pretty much vegan. My psoriasis up until 2 weeks ago was 75% clear then all of a sudden got worse again. I guess something I ate (i dont know what) my stomach did not like.

I believe my psoriasis is a digestion issue in which my body is not breaking down the extremely healthy foods I'm putting in. I currently revolted a little bit but am back on track. Even when the psoriasis was clearing my bowel movements were not normal (not formed etc) and still was a lot of stomach gurgling as well. The pain form the arthritis or anklosying spondylitis still existed as well with no relief on that end.

So I called a doctor friend of mine who referred to another paid assasin. My doctor friend thinks my stomach is not creating enough acid to break the food down. Sounds interesting so I booked the appt. and I'm gonna get blood work and etc. done.

Please if anyone has any insight that would be great. Im sick of being in pain. Also I just went back on digestive enzymes, but as with most supplements they usually don't do much. Thanks desperate Brad. Also if this helps I did the master cleanse for a few days back six months ago and my skin completely healed in that short time. Once I ate again it came back really quickly. Pain was gone also.


Replied by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 06/26/2012

Hi Bradshad... When I had candida I also had psoriasis for years and years. I also had alot of other fungal type skin problems like dandruff, athletes foot, tinea cruris(jock itch) and eczma. When I eventually cured my own systemic candida problems -- all my skin problems just disappeared -- including psoriasis(gone for 6 years now).

Since you also have digestive problems I also think it is highly likely that you have candida with associated pathogen problems. You also have arthritis which can also be associated with candida problems.

If you have a lack of stomach acid then taking betaine hydrochloride with pancreatin enzymes at mealtimes will help your digestion. Regularly supplementing Sea Salt or Magnesium Chloride will also help your stomach acid production.

The Anti-Candida Protocol and Diet are shown here:


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