Any way to shrink an enlarging thyroid nodule

Posted By Shakti (Toronto, CA) on 12/26/2014

A closely monitored and aspirated thyroid nodule is getting bigger since 6 months ago and now causing me discomfort when swallowing. Doc said there was nothing to worry about the needle aspiration.

In the meantime, while being monitored for over 2 years and clearly this thyroid nodule gets bigger every six months as they do an ultra sound and tell me it has increased one mm in size six months ago;

To compound this, they keep telling me T3 and T4 levels are fine. Why is that I am:

very cold and freezing (short of being in liquid nitrogen) most of the time? Is there anything to SHRINK this nodule? I'm scared of surgery.

Look forward to some solution on this site.


Replied by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 12/26/2014

Dear Shakti,

I would try massaging castor oil into the swollen area each morning and applying a charcoal poultice each night.

You will find information about charcoal poultices here:

~Mama to Many~


Replied by Bill (San Fernando) on 12/26/2014

Hi Shakti...The reason your hands and feet feel so cold is because you are obviously hypothyroid. The reason the doctors always get your diagnosis wrong is because they only monitor your TSH/T4 levels. But T3 is the critical active thyroid hormone(which is not actually being directly measured by your doc's tests) that does everything important in your body like regulate metabolism and body heat. To see all the valid reasons why you need to at least measure Free T3 and Free T4 in the blood -- See this link.

Furthermore, because you also have thyroid nodules it appears that you have autoimmune thyroiditis. This problem is caused by corruption of your thyroid enzyme(thryoid peroxidase) by free radicals(hydrogen peroxide) due to lack of glutathione peroxidase in your diet which results in corruption of this protein enzyme within the thyroid cells which then causes the antibodies to attack your thyroid cells -- hence causing the nodule formation. So increasing your daily levels of glutathione peroxidase will act to prevent free radical corruption and damage of thyroid enzymes and will help to prevent nodule formation.

So your own thyroid problems are probably caused by both a lack of iodine in your diet and by a lack of glutathione peroxidase in the body. If you take the Iodine Protocol, this will raise your levels of thyroid iodine and glutathione back to healthy levels again resulting in reduced nodule formation and eventual thyroid healing.

It would perhaps benefit you, since your own doctor appears to be illiterate in both the thyroid's need for iodine and glutathione, to visit Dr David Brownstein's surgery. He is both an iodine literate and thyroid literate doctor who lives just across the water from you in Michigan:

David Brownstein, MD
West Bloomfield Hills, MI
(Dr.Brownstein's website is

If that's not possible, here is a further world-wide list(including Canada) of thyroid competent doctors:

Thyroid Competent Doctor's List

Lastly I also not that you live in Toronto within the Great Lakes basin which is an area that was formed by huge glaciers during the Ice Age. As a result, all soils in this area are heavily deficient in iodine as well as minerals due to these glaciers leeching essential dietary nutrients out of the soils over thousands of years. That's why you are living in a well known goiter belt in Canada. Which is perhaps another reason and explanation as to why you are lacking in body iodine and minerals and are hypothyroid as a result.

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Replied by Christine (Houston) on 01/07/2018

Bill, can you help me? I always get cold whenever I take Iodine of any form. I think it was from taking too much iodine because I have a goiter I tried to treat. Ate alot of seafood, took kelp and dulse and painted iodine on the goiter all at once which resulted in me getting severe cold hands and feet. I still have the cold hands and feet but not as bad as whenever I take iodine. It seems that whenever I take iodine I freeze. Wondering if I need to take cayenne with it as I notice most thyroid supps add cayenne. I've been taking cayenne and I'm a bit warmer but still feel a lil chill at the end of my feet. Right now, I just want to get rid of this goiter(nodule). I was tested last year and my lab results were all normal but I refused the biopsy. I want to be tested again but have a hard time finding a doctor who will treat me without a biopsy. Should I take iodine still? Should I eat fruits and vegetables only or stay off of fruits and eat just vegetables? I would like to heal this nutritionally and herbally and would like some guidance. Thanks for your help in advance.

Replied by Bill (Philippines) on 01/08/2018

Hi Christine...I'm not sure how you were taking the iodine. What kind of iodine? -- Potassium iodide or lugols iodine or Nascent Iodine? What dose did you take every day?

And if you did take lugol's iodine did you also take all the necessary and required iodine companion nutrients as well every day? -- I.e. selenium, zinc, B vitamins, higher dose niacin, vitamin C etc?

Here are the guidelines for taking either lugol's iodine(LI) or Iodoral(LI in a pill):

The Guide for Supplementing Iodine

You should be taking 5% Lugols Iodine or Iodoral at a dosage of 8 drops a day(for LI) or 50mg per day(for Iodoral). Start off with small dosages and work up to the recommended dose and take it in split dosages throughout the day. And make absolutely sure that you take all the companion nutrients on a daily basis which will also help you to avoid problems(like you're having at the moment).

If you are sure that you have thyroid nodules caused by hypothyroid and you're really not happy with your docs diagnosis, then you should go back to your doctor and ask for a TSH/ T3 test(or use another doc). Normally doctors will only check your T4(thyroxin) and TSH, which is a poor and inaccurate test. What you really need to check is your T3(triiodothyronin) which is the active hormone and the one that is the most important regarding your problems.

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