Seeking Alternative for Hepatitis A, B and Typhoid Vaccines

Posted By Bluessky777 (New York) on 12/09/2016

Hi, does anyone know of anything (or any info) that would help as an alternative to the hepatitis A and B and also Typhoid Vaccines? I have a friend who will be traveling in the future, but they are not sure about taking the regular vaccines.I believe that Dengue Fever and Japanese Incephalitis may also be diseases they wish to have prevention against.


Replied by Timh (Ky) on 12/12/2016

B: The natural approach to reducing risk of infections is to first strengthen the immune system. Insuring proper amounts of Zinc, usually thru supplementation, provides long-term strong immunity. Supporting the Thymus gland will also build immunity. Place a refrigerator magnet over the Thymus for 1hr daily followed by gentle fisting (like a Gorilla bangs his chest, but gently) to stimulate, and take a supplement of Raw Thymus Glandular.

For immediate help in killing any suspected exposures, Zapping, Colloidal Silver, or high dose Vit-C is recommended.

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Replied by Bluessky777 (New York) on 12/27/2016 friend is still unsure about the vaccines...has anyone tried homeopathic remedies to strengthen the body when traveling?

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