Advice for severe hip joint pain

Posted By Tom (New Brighton, Mn) on 04/23/2010


I first felt a looseness in my right hip 8 years ago while on an ellyptical machine. It felt like my hip came out of the socket, then back in.

A G.P. Dr. laughed, said a dislocation was impossible-concluded I had arthritis and prescribed lots of painkillers and said to wait "til I was a bit older (I was 44) to get a hip replacement! I ignored him-but soon developed issues with my left hip also. Then-4 years ago both hips completely cramped/seized up-and I began using a cane-and doing almost nothing due to the pain and weakness. After lots of wasted visits to chiro's, acupuncturists etc. I discovered an egoscue therapist last year-who observed that both my femurs were rotated to 4 and 8 oclock rather than pointing straight at 12 oclock. Many of my muscles (glutes etc.) had ceased to function properly-and my hip flexors were shortened into permanent tension.

After six months-I am close to straightened out-but still experience severe pain after a therapy session-and am still dealing with weakened muscles-although I can now walk without a cane-after only about 50 yards I cramp up, have pain and need to sit and rest-I have a lot of cracking etc. still-I assume from loose/lax ligaments. Do you have any suggestions to eliminate/reduce pain, develop strength, tighten ligaments/hip etc?


Replied by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 04/23/2010

Suggest you investigate Prolothearphy via internet. There are only about 500 doctors who do this in the U. S. The procedure is to inject your joint ligaments with Dextrose which causes the joint to begin rebuilding itself. I just had a procedure on my knee by Dr Johnson of Brentwood Tn. A famous Orthopedic Surgeon in Chattanooga examined me last November and declared only a slight case of arthritis and gave me a cardisone shot which lasted almost a week. Otherwise, start eating pineapple every day for the rest of your life.

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