34 with thyroid problems with supplements and medications

Posted By Elizabeth (Nashville, Tn) on 04/11/2014

Sorry in advance for the long post but I want to give as much information as possible.

I'm 34 and me and my husband are ttc (trying to conceive) after his vasectomy reversal. First, I need to get my hormones in check and I need help. My periods are irregular (every 30-45 days, I never know) and I fear I have ovarian cysts and maybe even uterine fibroids. I've researched fertility supplements that can help your body regulate itself and I bought Fertilaid.

The problem is the effect it has on my thyroid. My thyroid "ran hot", or went hyperthyroid, for a short period of time back in 2011. I believe this was iodine induced as I was taking supplements that had kelp in it. After I quit taking them, my thyroid calmed down. Last year, a small nodule was found on the right side of the thyroid and the Dr. said it doesn't seem suspicious, but to keep an eye on it. Well, after taking the Fertilaid, which has kelp and other thyroid stimulating herbs, my thyroid became inflamed, like I was choking. This was only after 4 or 5 days of taking the supplement. Yesterday, the right side with the nodule became so sore and painful that I quit taking Fertilaid. I'm very disheartened as I was hoping that would regulate my periods and help me ovulate.

I bought Vitex. or chasteberry, yesterday (helps to regulate hormones) to see if that would work, and my thyroid went crazy after I took it (inflammation and pain). I just don't know what to do. I have an appointment with the GYN in a couple weeks, so I will ask for hormone tests. I know back in 2009 I was low on progesterone, cortisol and had adrenal insufficiency.

Has anyone heard of the thyroid going berzerk after taking certain supplements? I really wanted to regulate my thyroid so my hormones would be in check but I'm at a standstill.

Any help or advice at all would be greatly appreciated. I really want to start our ttc journey as soon as possible, I'm not getting any younger :(

Thanks to all.

P.S. On a different note, I would recommend serrapeptase for ovarian cysts, etc. It's greatly reduced my pain and bloating. Hopefully, it will keep working and eventually dissolve the cysts!


Replied by Mike62 (Denver, CO) on 04/11/2014

Elizabeth: Properly nourished glands make 37 hormones from good cholesterol. A properly nourished liver makes good cholesterol. Improper nourishment from eating cooked conventionally grown food is causing a bad liver to make bad cholesterol, bad glands to make bad hormones, and bad things like cysts and fibroids. A few supplements is not going to fix this. Eating the best food the right way does. The program I follow is called 80/10/10.

Replied by Nanowriter (Hotspot, Tx) on 04/11/2014

Research selenium--this is supposed to help with iodine supplementation to keep the thyroid from being hyper.

Replied by Elizabeth (Nashville, Tn) on 04/11/2014

Thanks for the info....I'll be checking on Selenium and see if that's an option.

Replied by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 04/11/2014

Elizabeth: A small amount of heavy metal or radiation will make such drastic reactions in the Thyroid.

First thing I would (and have done) is apply magnet therapy to end the inflammation. A refrigerator magnet would be a good start but you may need to graduate to a stronger magnet. Selenium & Vit-E, & Vit-A protects the glands from harm. Zinc lozenges will protect and improve T function. You can use Cod Liver Oil topically directly over the T area of the neck as this will bring major protection to the sensitive gland. I sometimes use a small hand-held vibrator gadget to clean and stimulate the Thyroid as well as Thymus glands.

Any antioxidant nutrients/supplements of oral route will help. I would recommend Grapeseed Extract of at least 100mg daily. Multicaratinoid complex will help along w/ 50mg Zinc to help conversion.


Replied by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 04/14/2014

Dear Elizabeth, Have you tried charting your cycles? It really gives a lot of information and can help you to figure out what to do. Marilyn Shannon???s book, ???Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition??? was very helpful to me in fixing irregular cycles, a number of years ago. Blackstrap Molasses has helped a lot of ladies to get their cycles regulated. It has helped many with cysts and fibroids. 1 Tablespoon a day, however you would like to get it in. (In milk, coffee, or off the spoon! ) Castor Oil packs are also helpful to people with menstrual irregularities. There is a lot of information about using these on Earth Clinic. Just don???t use castor oil during your period. Let us know how it goes. ~Mama to Many~

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