17 Year Old with Golf Sized Boils Under Her Arms

Posted By Laura (Xenia, IL.) on 09/08/2008

i am also quite scared but mostly discusted in HS, i am only 17 years old and was offically diagnosed a few weeks ago, but it had been tossed in the air about a year or so ago. i only realized the severity in HS when i googled it,and as i read i thought about what all i had and i have delt with small boils on my uper thighs sence i was 10 or so nothing ever big so i never worried about it even when they hurt bad i didnt tell my parents until my sypmtoms started in my underarm and was ruffly the size of a golf ball, then i told my parents and i was about to turn 16, and i saw the dr. she passed it off as a bad boil and said let it run its course pretty much but my exploded, were talking i sprayed the wall.i lost a lot of blood and it drained for what seemed like forever. i never could get a straight answer out any of the docters i saw untill after i had surgery, once it had spread to both of my armpits, and my surgery wounds wouldnt heal my surgeon, short of skin grafts, tried every thing all sorts of meds,dressings and silver nitrate ouch! she finally gave up and sent me to a derm. dr. and HS was finally explained as much as she had time for and she recamended humera and i was denied by insurance. that was kind of a blessing its expencive and it was a trial and error type deal. only one of my armpits have healed and the other everytime it looks like its getting close to healing; which the smallest its been is about 2-3 inches in length and kinda deep, comes back open again, thats frustrating. im now on an antibiotic gel that i cover with gause somtimes the area hurts and others it dosent thats when it heals but it never gets closed ive had this open wound for about a year and a half. it was only close for a few hours after surgery because that night it started comeing open again. im going to try the honey and turmic. i pray that it helps. if anyone has anymore suggestions to healing these wounds please share. thanks and good luck.

Replied by T W (Jackson, TENN) on 09/08/2008

I know absolutely nothing about HS but i do know about open wounds. I've had my share. I do the following: At least once daily, as much as 3-4 times a day, soak infected or wounded area in hot water and epsom salts. Dab dry and flush with hydrogen peroxide. Dry and allow area to get as much air as long as possible. Use antibacterial Prednisone(white and dries into skin, not vaseline type). As for you arm pits, I would soak for an hour and do the rest that I have said. Keep your arms raised while your skin is drying out. Like I said, keep your sores aired out as much as possible. Even if they are leaking, dab the seepage and let the area get air. Once again, as much as possible.

As far as your itching goes, try apple cider vinegar. It helps dry up rashes as well as ease up the itching. My Mom's hands used to break out with some type of red rash that itched her terribly. She tried many different prescription creams as well as over the counter stuff. Nothing worked. One night, I poured vinegar on her hands as she rubbed it in. Within 2 days, all symptoms were gone. It usually lasted around 2 weeks. The next time her hands started turning red, I did this again. It was gone the next day. That was in 6 months time. Next attack-1 year. 2 years later and it still hasn't come back. How about that vinegar!!!?


Replied by Sylvia (Toronto, Canada) on 09/08/2008

I, like Laura, suffered with my first boil at 16. From the groin area to armpits, I have suffered through the endless cycle of one boil after another with a few months boil free here and there. Dr. after Dr. Antibiotics after Antibiotics. I even found cream online from New Zealand and tried that. Also tried acupuncture & Chinese herbs. After 3 decades and lots of scaring - I found Earth Clinic. I drank the turmeric spice, 1 tsp in a cup of warm water 3x a day. Two hours after the first drink, one of the boils started draining. I could not believe that after so long, a simple spice would cure the problem! I wish I had read the cure 30 years ago. The taste is terrible but nothing like the Chinese herbs or compared to the endless throbbing pain of a boil. Good Luck Laura and thanks once again to Earth Clinic and all the great information!!!

Replied by Shelley (North Aurora, Il) on 09/28/2008

Laura, I will tell you I too have had boils before but if you read up on Turmeric you will see that it is a miracle cure for boils. After just 1 night my boil would be half the size. You can buy it in pill form at the health food store. Good Luck!

Replied by Renee Me (Riverside, Ca) on 08/29/2011

I have had HS for 35 yrs. I've been breaking out underarms for 5 months in one armpit. Finally broke down and took the antibiotic doxycycline and topical ointment, clindamycin. This is working but I'm on my third dose of antibiotics. If I stop breaking out I'm to start Oracea. Which is a low grade doxycycline, reaction to act as a anti inflamitory.

I don't like taking antibiotics but my skin feels normal and the paper tape isn't even irritating me. I was on herbal remidies, digestive and blood cleansers. And am still taking digestive herbs. Just got a new herb sugestion, Biotic Extra by Priority one. My friend had mursa and had boils underarms, she said they went away and never came back. If you have HS this will probibilly won't cure us but might help a lot.


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