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Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/04/2009:
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Re: Polio and Vitamin C Side Effects -

The side effects from a massive dose of vitamin C is diarrhea. At 400 mg per kilo taken every 2 hours, if we assume a person's weight is 60 kilos, the total dose amounts to 24,000 mg. I believe the dose is high. However, my own approach towards killing any virus, or bacteria lies in the frequency of dose rather than the amount of dose. The other is a combination of other supplements has synergy and hence the dose can be further reduced by 1/2.

Vitamin C has antiviral properties and it's weakly antiviral and this is why the dose is so large. However, it's possible to reduce from 24,000 mg to just 12,000 mg hourly dose. My experience in killing viruses is that the frequency of dose is ideally between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Therefore it's also possible to reduce from 12,000 mg to just 6000 mg if this is taken every 30 minutes. That's an equivalent of 6 tablets/capsules every 30 minutes. There is an indian shilajit (humic acid) that can be applied on the skin when the powder is mixed with water, and taken internally, it's a very broad spectrum antiviral. If that's taken 4 or 5 times a day, I believe the hourly dose of vitamin C 12,000 mg can be reduced also to 6000 mg. If the aspirin were used, the vitamin C will be synergistic and you just need 3000 mg every hour when it's taken with aspirin 500 mg dissolved in a cup of water for only 6 doses per day, not exceeding 3 or 4 days. Most of the polio viruses should be gone in a matter of days (theoretically speaking), and 25 mg of zinc is taken once a day for a week.

The iodine lugol's solution is taken every 3 hours 4 drops for every 3 or 4 hours. These are combination of remedy that should reduce the vitamin C dose to just 3000 mg on a two hourly dose, should make the approach more easily to do in practice. Iodine is kept up for over a week or so. Hence the remedy is carried only for a short period, if done right (in combination or frequency) the viruses usually go away quickly. If they viruses do not die within 3 days to one week, I believe the remedy needs to be redo until which if done properly viruses get killed rather quickly within a matter of days.

For instance, I got the swine flu viruses correctly both dose and frequency and it's a one day cure. A few may last up to 2 days, before swine are completely dead, however, one day was more than enough for that case. As in polio if done right (not necessarily this remedy), it should be killed by a week or so.

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