Evening Primrose Oil for Seborrheic Dermatitis

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Darcy (Columbia, Md) on 03/13/2012:
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I also suffered from Seborrheic Dermatitis on my scalp for 15 years. I tried the typical dermatologist's topical remedies and many of the topical, diet and internal remedies mentioned on this site and others with no improvement. Eventually I tried Evening Primrose Oil. I started with 3 capsules (the symptoms totally disappeared within 3 weeks) and quickly decreased to one. It does come back in the winter months so I up the dose back to 2 to 3 capsules until spring.

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In (Miami, Fl) on 10/21/2009:
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Evening Primrose Oil cured Seborreich Dermatitis

I suffered Seborreich Dermatitis on my scalp for the last 7 months and I thought I had to live with this disease for the rest of my life. I had huge, itchy, tight scales on my scalp and I was loosing my hair... I went to 3 different dermatologist and they just prescribed me shampoos and lotions. Completely unsuccessful. Then I decided to have a holistic approach to fight this. First, I read that most of the times SD it's cause due to a "leaky gut", which means the gut is so toxic, that leak the toxins to the bloodstream causing skin problem.So, I decided to have a colon cleanse (2 days) and I stop eating dairies, wheat, coffee, sugars and meats. I did this for one week. At the same time I was taking Evening Primrose oil in caps (1,000 mg), one at breakfast, another at dinner. Almost intermediately my scalp stop itching. That was the first sign I was in the path to recovery. I continued washing my hair with special shampoos, but this time the scales were very soft and were loosing without hair attached. Today I'm cured. Free of this disease. I'm also taking a cocktail of necessary supplements to keep myself healthy (Oil, fish, B-Complex, Multivitamin, Probiotics, and of course, Evening Primrose Oil). Make sure your supplements are high quality and the oils, cold pressed. Hope this helps.

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