B12 for Deficiency

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Rosemary (White Rock, B.c., Canada) on 03/02/2012:
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I am a 55 y.o. woman and have had balance and vertigo issues for 11 years now. The vertigo stopped on its own at least 4 years ago (I believe it was menopause related) but the almost drunken walk problem (very embarrassing) only went away when I started taking B12 methylcobalamin subliminally twice a day. I have to add as well I take 1/8th tsp Borax in 1 liter of water most days as well for foot bone issues and that may be helping as well. I was greatly improved within a week from the B12. The numbness in my hands has stopped, the pins and needles feeling in my feet has disappeared and my leg strength in my knees has vastly improved. I also have a clearer head and more energy. I should say I am slim and workout at a gym on a regular basis. A simple blood test showed the lack of B12 no doubt caused by very little meat comsumption. My research showed B12 is lacking in older peoples diets.


causes of vitamin B12 Deficiency

Eating a diet that contains no meat or animal products

poor absorption due to cetain disease conditions or surgery

Surgery to the stomach or intestine

Oral contraceptives (the "pill")


Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency
Similar symptoms to that of Folic Acid deficiency (see above) including:

Nerve damage

numbness in hands and feet

Tingling (pins and needles) in hands and feet

Weakness in legs

Pale skin

Poor memory

Poor muscle coordination

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