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Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem Cell Boosting Supplement Greatly Improved Prostate Problems

Dell (Nebraska) on 10/09/2020
5 out of 5 stars

In searching for something to help with a seriously enlarged prostate I found stem cell supplementation to be the only thing that helped. I had difficulty urinating at times and often had blood in my urine. I had the usual pain and straining that normally comes with an enlarged prostate. Some days I felt like I had to go every fifteen minutes.

In searching for an effective treatment, I found information on a number of stem cell boosting supplements. I was very skeptical but did some research and decided to give one a try.

To my surprise, within two weeks I was doing much better. I have now been on this stem cell supplement for six weeks and continue to improve. The good supplements are based on micro-algae with other ingredients that they claim will support the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow, and actually bring back new tissue, bones and organs or any part of the body.

This can have many promising health applications and should be researched and investigated.

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Stem Cell Therapy Returned Quality of Life

Carolyn (Lufkin, Tx Usa) on 09/11/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have a friend who was in constant pain and looking for something that would alleviate it. When I saw the posts from Lisa of Thousand Oaks about stem cell treatments, I realized that might be the answer. After talking with her, I knew in my heart that was indeed the answer.

My friend traveled to Jamaica and was treated at the American Stem Cell Institute. This is a branch of the one that Lisa used in Ecuador. He has been home a week, and boy, is there a distinct difference in his health! Before he went, he could not walk without a walker, and then only a few steps before he had to rest. He also suffers from kidney disease brought about due to diabetes. He is now walking without assistance with only a slight limp. His complexion before going was very gray and sallow, but now, he has nice rosy cheeks. The best part is his attitude. He now is planing for a productive future instead of looking for a nursing home to live out his days. I know it sounds too good to be true, but if he has made this much progress in a week, just imagine what will happen in a month.

I will forever be grateful to Lisa for her kindness and expertise in this endeavor. She is a Godsend! And thanks to Earth Clinic for printing her information about stem cell therapy. It has probably saved my friend's life. I will post again as he progresses.

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Liberation Procedure, Stem Cell Therapy for Ms

Leo (Pune, India) on 05/29/2012

David Summers, a 37 year old MS patient from Murfreesboro, Tennessee was a score of 8.0 on the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) when he had the Combination Liberation Therapy and Stem Cell Transplantation at CCSVI Clinic in March of 2012. Having been diagnosed in 1996 he had been in a wheelchair for the past decade without any sensation below the waist or use of his legs.
"It was late 2011 and I didn't have much future to look forward to" says David. "My MS was getting more progressive and ravaging my body. I was diagnosed as an 8. 0 on the EDSS scale; 1 being mild symptoms, 10 being death. There were many new lesions on my optic nerves, in my brain and on my spinal cord. My neurologist just told me: 'be prepared to deteriorate'. I knew that he was telling me I didn't have much time left, or at least not much with any quality. " David had previously sought out the liberation therapy in 2010 and had it done in a clinic in Duluth Georgia. "The Interventional Radiologist who did it told me that 50% of all MS patients who have the jugular vein-clearing therapy eventually restenose. I didn't believe that would happen to me if I could get it done. But I have had MS for 16 years and apparently my veins were pretty twisted up". Within 90 days, David's veins had narrowed again, and worse, they were now blocked in even more places than before his procedure.
"I was so happy after my original procedure in 2010. I immediately lost all of the typical symptoms of MS. The cog fog disappeared, my speech came back, the vision in my right eye improved, I was able to regulate my body temperature again, and some of the sensation in my hands came back. But as much as I wanted to believe I felt something, there was nothing below the waist. I kind of knew that I wouldn't get anything back in my legs. There was just way too much nerve damage now". But any improvements felt by David lasted for just a few months.
After his relapse, David and his family were frustrated but undaunted. They had seen what opening the jugular veins could do to improve him. Because the veins had closed so quickly after his liberation procedure, they considered another clinic that advocated stent implants to keep the veins open, but upon doing their due diligence, they decided it was just too risky. They kept on searching the many CCSVI information sites that were cropping up on the Internet for something that offered more hope. Finding a suitable treatment, especially where there was no known cure for the disease was also a race against time. David was still suffering new attacks and was definitely deteriorating. Then David's mother Janice began reading some patient blogs about a Clinic that was offering both the liberation therapy and adult autologous stem cell injections in a series of procedures during a hospital stay. "These patients were reporting a 'full recovery' of their neurodegenerative deficits" says Janice, "I hadn't seen anything like that anywhere else". She contacted CCSVI Clinic in late 2011 and after a succession of calls with the researchers and surgeons they decided in favor of the combination therapies.
"I went to CCSVI Clinic in India without knowing what to expect" says David, "but I basically had one shot left and this was it. I was becoming pretty disabled, and I couldn't think very clearly". David was triaged with a clinic intake of other MS patients and had the liberation therapy on March 27, 2012. They also drew bone marrow from his hip bone in the same procedure. When he woke up from the procedure, he again felt the immediate effect of the widening of the veins. "In case anyone doesn't believe that the liberation therapy works, I can tell them that this is much more than placebo effect. " The MS symptoms described earlier again disappeared. Four days later he had the first of the stem cell injections from the cultured cells taken from his hip bone during the liberation therapy. The first transplant was injected into the area just below his spine. Over the next 4 days he would receive about 100 million stem cells cultured in specific growth factors for differentiated effect.
He was not quite prepared for what happened next. A few hours after the first transplant, he was taken back into his hospital room and was transferred to the hospital bed. "I'm not completely helpless when it comes to moving from a chair or a bed", says David, "One of the things I can do for myself is to use my arms to throw my leg into a position to be able to shift the rest of my body weight over to where I'm going. But this time to my amazement, I didn't have to pick up the dead weight of my leg and throw it. It moved on its own, exactly where my brain told it to go". Shortly after his first stem cell transplant procedure, some motor function in his lower body had returned. "This was the first time in 10 years I had any sensation or motor function below my waste so it was quite a shock. "
In the next month, most every motor nerve and body function has either returned or is on its way to recovery. "It's been over a decade since I've had any power over my elimination functions. Now it's all come back. I have total bladder control". He's also working out every day, following the physiotherapy routine given him by the clinic. "For years, I haven't been able to work out without getting sick for a couple of days afterward. Now I have muscles popping out all over the place where I haven't seen them since my MS became progressive?and I can work out as hard or as much as I want. With my ability to do the hard work my balance is improving each day and I'm able to take steps unassisted. I'm definitely going to be coming all the way back. "
Dr. Av Gupte, the neurosurgeon who has now done over 2000 adult autologous stem cell transplants for various neurologic disease conditions says that the stem cells in David's body will continue to work their healing process for the next year. "With the incredible progress I've seen so far, I won't need a year", says David. "It's only been a little over two months and I have most everything back. I can't wait to get up each day to check out my improvements. My right hand is completely back to normal without any numbness and the left is on its way. I have good strength in my legs now and I'm working on the balance".
Other MS patients treated with the combination therapy over the past 18 months have seen similar improvements but none have been as disabled as David. "If I can come back from where I was, most everyone with MS could too. For me, CCSVI Clinic has been my miracle and I can't say enough about the doctors, researchers and staff who are helping me to recover. For me, MS was my previous diagnosis".

Re: Stem Cell Therapy Curing Hips

Lauren (Queens, Ny) on 04/03/2012

Lisa... Thank you so much for that detailed response. You truly do have a caring heart for people. If anyone deserves to live pain free it's you and I mean that. Take care and God bless.

Re: Stem Cell Therapy Curing Hips

Lauren (Queens, Ny) on 04/02/2012

Thank you Lisa for your response. One question though.... Any links that you can provide for doctors who do this type of procedure. I googled it but its kinda confusing cause where do you start? Also, how did you find the doctor that did your procedure... Was he recommeded by someone? Just curious. Thank you again for your time.

Stem Cell Therapy Restoring Hips

Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 03/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Everyone, I have not written in a long time. I continued though on my quest to help my arthritic hip. It's been seven years of a very long journey that has taken many paths. Through it all, I have learned so much! Especially from Earth Clinic. And with the knowledge I have gained, have been able to help others in health.

Anyway, my last discovery was from here on Earth Clinic. A woman wrote in saying that she no longer suffered from fibromyalgia and it was because she had stem cell therapy. Someone else commented on how amazing that was but she never responded. I definitely took notice of that not realizing that stem cell therapy was even available. I was under the belief that it was still in the research stages. Then, two days later I was reading a book that was written by a woman whom I have great respect for and have heard her speak 3 times. In her first chapter she says that one of the most exciting fields right now is stem cells. That's when a bell went off in me and I was on it!

I immediately went to the internet to research and upon doing so, found a couple of centers where they were offering it. I wrote and one responded right away. The Dr. offered to call me and talk. He explained everything about it to me. It was a whirlwind of events and within 3 weeks I was off to have the procedure done. Within 3 days after the stem cell therapy I was walking normal again! My pain was dramatically reduced and 4 days later I was ziplining through the rainforest for an hour and a half with my husband and two youngest kids! Absolutely amazing!

I am now back to teaching and it's been 10 days since. I called the dr. yesterday to say that each day there is improvement and the Dr. reassured me that the stem cells will continue to do their work for 6 months and I would continue to see improvements, not only in my hips but, throughout my body! Needless to say, I am ecstatic to have my body back. I look forward to adventures once again! What a miracle and gift to humankind! Life is awesome! Best of life to everyone...


Need Feedback on Stem Cell Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cekm (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/24/2011

Hi Fellow EC readers. I am 32 male and have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis two years ago, although I have negative rheumatoid factors.

Symptoms: Swelling and stiffness in multiple joints on both sides of the body

First sign of symptoms: December 2009 - No swelling, however was getting sore wrists

March 2009: Symptoms were getting really bad and had first appointment with Rheumatologist.

I have tried and persisted on all the natual remedies with no luck (ACV, wheatgrass, raw juicing, exercise, baking sode with lemon, fish oil, msm, tumeric, flaxseed oil etc.).

I have been researching Stem Cell therapy using the adipose stromal vascular fraction method. Basically taking fat via lipo from your own body then a process of separation of stem cells takes place and are reinjected into either the problem joint and or via IV back into your blood stream.

Pricing ranges from $8k - $20k AUD around the world for the procedure and you can also freeze or you need another session later.

Please let me know any of your comments around a durable long term drug free remission for this procedure. You may know someone or tried it yourself. Apparently they are claiming the stem cells give immunotherapy benefits by being able to re-regulate the immune response and shut down the overactive auto immune state.

I am thinking of getting it done, as Methotrexate is my next option (take sulfasalazine only) which we know has its own issues, or although with natural remedies will give me my life back and protect the longer term damage.

I hope if you are facing something similar that you keep your chin up, as I know what you are going through.

Regards, Cekm


Re: Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 06/27/2012

It was in Ecuador and the place is called American Stem Cell and Anti-Aging Center or ASCAAC. You can find them if you google it and also on facebook. They have a center in Trinidad and the Grand Cayman Islands. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! The best to you, Lisa

Re: Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 06/27/2012

I have a friend who has cheered me on, hoping it would work for me. When it did, she felt so inspired because her daughter who is 13 is deaf and currently, they are working on restoring hearing through stem cells. Her hope is that in her daughter's lifetime it may one day become an option for her! I have had 5 friends follow my lead and none of them are rich! Perhaps it's just values and where we choose to use our money. I work hard and save my money but this was worth trying, knowing I was taking somewhat of a gamble since I didn't know anyone first hand who had had it done. I wanted my life back.

That said, I wish you the best and I hope everyone understands my intentions were to let others know this does exist and it does work since it's not really being given as an option here. The best to everyone in their quest for health, Lisa


Re: Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA) on 06/26/2012

I have been coming on EC for a pretty long time so many people are familiar with me. I had major hip issues due to all my years as a dancer. Basically, I had stage 4 osteoarthritis and after 7 years of searching for an alternative to hip replacements and dealing with a lot of pain, I found out about stem cell therapy. It worked! I can walk again. I can't say that I am 100% since I still have some pain but I can walk again, stand and sit easily, etc.

Well, in my research and also talking with the doctors at the center I went to, I found they are having great success with spinal injuries, brain disorders, autism, etc. The doctors told me they especially have very good success with nerve issues, damage, etc. It's not something they tell us about here in this country but it's being done in other parts of the world! In Germany, Spain, China, South America...The strides they are making in this field are absolutely amazing! It would be worth at least looking into if it can give your son quality of life improvement. On the site of the center where I had my stem cell therapy done they even have quite a bit of amazing footage of people on their recovery. If you have any further questions or would like leads, let me know. My heart goes out to you as I have had five of my own children and as a parent, we only want the best for them.

I wish you the very best on your path, Lisa



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