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Oil Pulling Helping Gums But Appears to Have Caused Rash

Linda (Ireland ) on 07/03/2023
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Better But With Side Effects

I have been oil pulling and while my gums are benefiting I'm wondering about a red fungal looking rash I have on my stomach and my face is red, am I detoxing?
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Oil Pulling With Castor Oil

Carolyne (NW Corner of the NW Corner) on 02/19/2023
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I have recently learned you can use castor oil-- cold-pressed, hexane-free ORGANIC of course--!! -- and oil pull for one or two minutes with very good results! So that is what I am doing- I will give it a few months and see how it goes. I was using coconut oil or sesame oil, depending on what I had. I want to get rid of plaque and a cavity. We shall see.... I do know Castor oil is VERY healing for many things.
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Oil Pulling With Olive Oil

scrambled (Hillsborough NJ) on 05/30/2022
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I recently tried oil pulling - for about a week and it really cut down on my tooth sensitivity a great deal to the point where I didn't think about my toothaches. I did it with olive oil. So glad to see all of the positive comments.

I was wondering where oil pulling ends and going back to the dentist begins again, though. I have a cracked tooth that I was advised needs a route canal. It is edgy and feels rough on my tongue. I know I'll have to revisit for this at some point.

What else can be done? I have read people dealing with these types of issues themselves especially if there is anxiety involved.

Also, how do people ultimately deal with the pressures that the dentists usually put us through in that chair when we get a checkup/cleaning?

It is sometimes hard to get around...especially if you really need their care for a dental emergency down the line.

Thanks ahead for commenting and advising!

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Pamela (Asheville) on 02/02/2020
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I?ve read that it?s better to do a sequence of 5 minute oil pulling sessions totaling 20 minutes instead of a single 20 minute session. Reason being that doing shorter ?pulls? and spitting avoids the potential re-absorption of toxins one might get from the long pulling session. Makes sense to me! This might solve any gagging problems!
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Oil Pulling With Sesame Oil

Stellams (Kuwait) on 01/03/2018
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I have been oil pulling for a couple of years now but not sure it has made any significance to my overall health. However, I was just about to open a new bottle of sesame oil and decided it was time to research, ie to see if it was still worth while doing it!

It was then I not only discovered I was doing the wrong process - using the oil like a mouth wash, ie rinsing and spitting out straight away - but also read that one of the side effects was stomach pains and diarrhoea, something I have been suffering intermittently from for the last two years.

I have tried to put the stomach pain and uncontrollable diarrhoea down to a particular food, to no avail. Then I read the research on oil pulling, but if I wasn?t doing it properly then would I have this digestion problem?

My question is this, if I give the oil pulling a rest, of say a week or two, then try doing the proper 15/20min version, would it work, ie would I feel the real benefits of oil pulling or wouldn?t it make a difference, ie would I still suffer from digestive problems?

I would appreciate any opinions on this.



Hydrogen Peroxide Swishing Instead of Oil Pulling

Reno (Memphis, Tn) on 01/27/2017
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Why do all that gross swishing of oil and spit for 20 minutes? Just swish a small sip of hydrogen peroxide for 2 minutes then spit it out and rinse your mouth. This is even better for oxygenation of the gums and promotes healing of minor abraisions of the mouth and will not burn your mouth. (if you have a beard don't let it get on your beard especially if it's tinted or it may turn white. If you do rinse the beard immediately).
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Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil

North Cascadian (Portland, Oregon) on 01/13/2017
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I have been doing oil pulling since 2009, eight years. I began with Sesame Oil, but now use Organic Coconut oil. All of the drama of oil pulling happens at the beginning, when I started my sinuses had been clogged for most of my life, basically unable to breath through my nose. When I started op I coughed up so much phlegm! I basically stopped going to the dentist once I started op, my overall health and resilience is quite high. I feel it when I have to skip op for any reason. My technique is once in the morning, before my partner gets up for 15 to 30 minutes. After spitting it out in the toilet I take a glass of warm/hot water with about a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of baking soda mix and then alternate between swishing and gargling until I have gone through the glass, this part often takes 5 minutes.

This one health approach can help so many people! Please try it.

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Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil

Tracy (South Africa) on 09/19/2016
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Oh, my word. I?m so glad I found oil pulling. I stopped smoking about 6 months ago and I think when you stop giving your body those chemicals, your body can finally try to rid itself from all the toxins, well my teeth started going yellow all of a sudden!

So, I searched for a remedy and found oil pulling. I decided to use coconut oil because of the added benefit of the antibacterial and anti fungal properties. I?ve been oil pulling with coconut oil for three months now and not only have my teeth started to whiten again, but I have noticed a decrease in eczema symptoms (which is probably also related to the smoking).

What I do is add a few drops of clove oil and lavender to help fight off any bad stuff (including germs that cause colds) and then before I use pop it into my mouth, I rub it on my face. My skin is looking amazing too!!

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Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil

Barb (Indiana) on 08/21/2015
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I started oil pulling about 3 weeks ago. I can't believe the result already. I'm using organic coconut oil. What are thoughts about OP at night instead of in the morning? Any commentary would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Oil Pulling Has Cured 14 Year Gum Infection

Wwtd? (Hawaii, US) on 04/22/2015

I'm ashamed to admit that even though I have been "natural" my whole life it never occurred to me that dentistry could be as bogus as western medicine. There is a place for dentistry for sure, just be cautious.

My tale: In 2000 when I was 40, I had a root canal/crown. Infection persisted afterward. Dentist prescribed antibiotics off and on.

I quit eating ALL forms of sugar (except fruit) and grains in 2002. My infection disappeared. It returned a year later when I began eating grains occasionally. My new dentist treated it with antibiotics 2 months then INSISTED I see a surgeon. The surgeon explained he would have to dig out the infection and perhaps any fragment of root left in my gum causing the infection. I didn't want to die so had the surgery.

3 months later my infection returned. The surgeon told me there was nothing he could do except extract the tooth, after costing me nearly $8000.

I came across Dr. Weston Price research. I also read about countless cases like mine on the Net. I am not saying it isn't possible for infection to spread. I am just stating my experiences. The infection continued on and off for 14 years. It was pretty much always there. Not overly bothersome, but definitely there, going away for up to 2 months sometimes. I have been infection free for just over a year. I can't say for sure it is gone forever or if my remedy was the cure. I started oil pulling once a day for 20 minutes with organic cold pressed olive oil or coconut oil. I started oil pulling for my gums, having the infection leave was a bonus!

To be fair I must add I am very healthy. I eat 80% or more raw foods. nothing processed, so these results might not be attained by people with poor diets.


Itching because of Oil Pulling

Cherry (Fort Worth, US) on 03/18/2015
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Better But With Side Effects

I have been oil pulling about 3 weeks. But, recently I had been itching none stop for the past 2 days. I was wondering is this part of the process because I do not want to stop oil pulling because the way my teeth now feel. Plague stopped building up on my teeth and they absolutely feel wonderful. They feel as if they have had cleaning and a polish. I hope that the itching will stop just as the sensitivity in my teeth and headaches subsided. If anybody can clear this up for me I would be grateful. I have recommended oil pulling to my family and they can see a difference in the color of my teeth.

Oil Pulling is a Miracle Cure!

Tigergirl26 (New Jersey, US) on 03/11/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I started oil pulling 4 days ago with 100 percent virgin olive oil from Italy. I started due to a gum infection. This is a miracle cure! My gums are already feeling better and an added bonus for me is that for over 15 years I have had a little bit of fluid in both of my ears that no medicine has been able to get rid of. My sinuses are draining and one ear is almost completely clear. I feel the post nasal drip and my nose runs in the day clear and this wonderful treatment is not only helping me with my gums, but it is helping me with my sinuses. A small gap between my teeth has also tightened up. I have more energy and I feel better then I have in years. I am only doing it for 10 minutes a day and once a day. I had my husband do it today and I will wait and see his results. I won't be stopping this anytime soon.
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Oil Pulling Side Effects

Debra (Milwaukee) on 02/12/2015
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I just recently started oil pulling with sesame oil and I have experienced a sore throat. Is this normal?

Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil Feedback

Amy J (Oregon, US) on 01/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have no negatives when it comes to oil pulling.

I have been doing it with coconut oil for nearly one month, and while I do not have any miraculous things going on, there are a few major differences I noticed after a couple weeks of doing it, and if I miss a day, I notice things start to regress in some areas.

Being that I am a singer, the biggest change I have noticed, though I didn't realise until a few days ago it was related, was the regaining the lowest parts of my low register. I lost it some time ago due to allergies, occasionally I'd get glimpses of it, but it never quite came back for good.

Over the last few weeks, I noticed my voice deepening a lot. Now, I have a huge vocal range spanning close to 4 octaves, but I lost a good octave due to the allergies, maybe more than that. I still haven't regained the highest parts of my upper register, but we'll see if over time, oil pulling helps that as well.

It has certainly helped with gum inflammation, I had some inflamed areas, and they are now normal and my gums don't look red anymore either, but healthy and pink. :)

I got frequent sinus infections, and while I may get some sinus pressure every now and then, for the most part, my sinuses are pretty cleared up and I don't get massive sinus headaches anymore.

For me, those 3 things are enough to keep oil pulling, even if I never see any new benefits down the road.

God Bless ~Amy

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Oil Pulling With Palm Oil

Jeremy (Philippines) on 01/11/2015

Has anyone tried oil pulling with palm oil? I've been doing it for a couple days now mixed with coconut oils. Has anyone else tried Palm oil of any kind?

Is Oil Pulling Causing Flu-Like Symptoms?

Edith (Columbia, Maryland) on 01/03/2015
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Better But With Side Effects

Has anybody tried oil pulling for hormonal issues? I've been dealing with hormonal problems and gigantic uterine fibroids for years. I have too much estrogen or too little progesteron. Probably candida problem as well. I've been oil pulling for two month. I missed a day or two here and there, but not much. Started with extra virgin/virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil, then extra virgin olive oil, now coconut oil again. It definitely helps with my hormonal issues, and my fibroids, which is why I don't want to stop, but ever since I've started oil pulling, I've been having some serious flu-like symptoms. On and off, mostly on. Mainly sinus problems (that seem to be candida related) and bad fatigue. I'm pretty sure this is healing crisis, but how much longer is this supposed to last? It just would be easier not to give up knowing how much longer to hold on.

Multiple Cures Experienced With Oil Pulling

Borovinka (Ireland) on 12/05/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hey everyone. I totally enjoyed all the input about Oil Pulling over the years by you folks. Thank you so much for making me try it. It's time for me to share my experience.

I only started 3 week ago (3 times a day with coconut and sesame oil alternated) and I am in awe.

So far it's mostly about my mouth. It killed any sign of bad breath which happened during the day after eating, drinking lots of coffee or tea, or after I got up first thing in the morning, you know the feeling :) My solution used to be a chewing gum :) Now, for some magic reason my breath stays fresh.

My mouth feels so so good now I can't even describe it. I don't buy chewing gums anymore :)

My teeth are so much whiter, I can't believe it but I can see it and not only me :)

I have two very old veneers that have brightened up, I suppose they too took the toll of my bad habits over the years but the OP has freshened them up tremendously. The strange thing is that when I had my veneers put in, I first had a laser whitening of the rest of my teeth and my veneers were matched in colour afterwards. Everything was very white at the time.

Over the years, my veneers became the "whitest" ones in my mouth, talking about 10 years after the laser whitening but if I have to be honest the darkening effect happened not longer than two years within the laser whitening.

Within the 2nd week of OP my teeth matched the veneers and I was pretty happy and astonished about it. Right now after 3 weeks of OP, my veneers are the darkest just by a shade on day light, even took pictures myself to keep it as proof. If I go on with OP I may have a problem :)

I'd really love to know scientifically how does OP whiten teeth because the results are undisputable.

Additionally my gums stopped bleeding when I brush. It did take two full weeks for that to happen though and I didn't have bad looking gums to start with prior except my bottom molars. I was actually still bleeding two weeks into OP when reading comments online and still not believing them because it still wasn't working for me at that time, and that was the reason I had started OP.

But guys, be patient and try it for as long as you can endure because I am blood free right now as far as my gums go :)

I would guess it would take longer for receding or damaged gums but mine were at a point of receding. I had a few brown notches at the bottom teeth and the gums of my molars looked like an old man's belly, bottom of my teeth exposed and I could dig into them with my brush and it was painful, the gums were so low and literally hanging at the sides rather than being attached to the teeth. They've crept up now and they've attached themselves back up which is pretty amazing and I feel no pain when brushing at them at all anymore. The brown parts near the gum line have disappeared too. I can't measure it by a gum probe as I never did ask at the dentist and he never bothered saying anything but I can see my gums literally growing up so it's a proof good enough for me. The only worry I have is if I have to dig into the gums now when I brush to clean those notches because they were like a tiny cut and may hold bacteria. I am going to have to see what happens but I have no fear because it used to be worse than that :) And I'll let you know one day :)

I want to mention that the sensitivity of my teeth increased tremendously at first with OP. I was pretty much scared for a few days that the oil is doing something bad for my teeth. I could feel it like you could feel alcohol on an opened wound. It felt like an extensive dental cleaning or when you have your teeth whitened professionally. However, after two weeks this absolutely stopped all of a sudden and I felt absolutely better than I could ever remember. I have 0 sensitivity now to anything at all, so don't let similar experience scare you. It's seems like a healing process.

And on top of all that, my nose is clear of any stiffness. My nose used to start running like water after the morning OP session, I had to spit the oil out midways and get another dose. I didn't have a sinus problem, at least I didn't think so, but I had a problem with liquid from my nose going down my throat when I went to bed which caused breathing problems while I sleep. The OP, whether because of the movement of the face muscles or something else causes a drainage almost like a water flow after OP. Right now I actually breath a lot better and I hadn't realised before OP how much my nose is a part of that.

So I totally, totally recommend OP to everyone that is not a sceptic, can incorporate it into their routine and cares at least about their mouth.

I've been calling my relatives and my friends and telling them to try it, sounding like I've got an Oil Pulling disease :). They may think I am crazy but whoever tries it will be thankful in the long run for one reason or another:)

And on a side note, because I am still a sceptic about detoxifying effects, I need to mention I got quite a few headaches at the start and I am not a headache person, hence I noticed. It could have been a coincidence but I want to mention it.

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Oil Pulling is Curing Many of My Health Problems

K Hagan (New Jersey, US) on 12/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I read about oil pulling about six years ago. At that time, I oil pulled with sesame oil for a few weeks but stopped because I read somewhere that it messes up your tooth enamel. I had a post nasal drip. It cleared my nasal passage and I coughed up mucus. About four months ago, I started experiencing joint pain in my hips. I considered going to the doctors but decided to explore earth clinic once again. I have been oil pulling for the past two months with organic coconut oil. My nasal passage is clear, I coughed up mucus, (my mucus went from green to clear in color), fresher breath, whiter teeth, gums are not as sensitive, joint pain in my hips is 90% better and I less back pain too. I plan to continue oil pulling and try different oils. I am so thankful for this website. It has saved me and my children money and time spent at the doctors office.
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Can I Swallow Mucus in Throat as I Oil Pull?

Tatalmel (Tallahassee, Fl) on 11/10/2014

Can I swallow the mucus that forms in my throat as I oil pull? I have to spit out the oil several times to clear my throat as I pull for 20 minutes. This gets expensive with virgin coconut oil.

The mucus is draining from my sinuses, not part of the oil in my mouth. Is it as toxic as the oil?


Questions About Oil Pulling Frequency

Op Newbie (Delhi, India) on 10/13/2014
4 out of 5 stars

I have done OP with sesame oil 3 times now, does make me feel lighter, energetic and a deeper breath, which is quite a relief given I have chronic rhinitis. However doing it for 20 mins on my first attempt was quite taxing and I reduced it to 8-10 mins over the next two trials and every 3-4 days. I have now noticed some of my earlier symptoms of throat and sinus infections coming back, which I hope is the detox effect. Would appreciate any suggestions on the frequency I.e. should one do this daily or is ok to do after 3-4 days.