Sunflower Seeds for Sleep Apnea

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Claire (Oceanside, California, Usa) on 03/09/2010:
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REMEDY FOUND! I have had sleep apnea for the last twenty years or so, even though I don't fit the profile of overweight, diabetes, etc. In fact, for my age (71) I am quite healthy. Apart from sleeping on my side, I've found no relief -- until a couple of weeks ago. That was when I started eating raw sunflower seeds (organic) before bedtime. I thought at first that my new-found restful nights were a coincidence, but I did some research online, first on the nutrients in the seeds (there were about a half dozen mentioned) and then on each of those nutrients as they might be related to apnea. I discovered that there has been at least one study linking vitamin E to improvement of apnea! I've been taking 2 oz each night. Start with less if your digestion isn't great and chew well -- or grind in a coffee bean grinder. You can add a little honey for taste. You can try vitamin E from a bottle or capsule, but studies on this vitamin show almost no benefit from the factory-produced form (probably because the oil goes rancid.) Good luck and sweet dreams to you all!!
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