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re: Sunflower Seeds Healed Ulcer

Analogal (California) on 05/28/2014
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I have an ulcer (non h.pylori) that developed after I had taken NSAIDS. I tried everything to get rid of it. Some things I tried did not work at all, while others did work, but interfered with the effectiveness of my other supplements. I was at the end of my rope, and then an extremely happy accident occurred! I wanted to find a healthy snack as I had changed my diet some time ago. So, I thought I would try sunflower seeds. I would eat them every night (about 2 handfuls hulled) on an empty stomach before bed time. The next morning I noticed that my ulcer did not hurt as much. So, I did some research on the Internet, and found the answer. It turns out that sunflower seeds have amino acids, minerals, and other components that heal damaged tissue anywhere in the body! As each day went by, my ulcer began to get better and better. It's amazing how I searched and searched, but found a cure purely by accident. Now, that's not to say that it won't act up again if I eat a bowl of chili or something. But, if I stick to a bland diet for a few weeks and eat the seeds every night, then I'm good as new!
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Raw Sunflower Seeds for Sleep Apnea

Claire (Oceanside, California, Usa) on 03/09/2010
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REMEDY FOUND! I have had sleep apnea for the last twenty years or so, even though I don't fit the profile of overweight, diabetes, etc. In fact, for my age (71) I am quite healthy. Apart from sleeping on my side, I've found no relief -- until a couple of weeks ago. That was when I started eating raw sunflower seeds (organic) before bedtime. I thought at first that my new-found restful nights were a coincidence, but I did some research online, first on the nutrients in the seeds (there were about a half dozen mentioned) and then on each of those nutrients as they might be related to apnea. I discovered that there has been at least one study linking vitamin E to improvement of apnea! I've been taking 2 oz each night. Start with less if your digestion isn't great and chew well -- or grind in a coffee bean grinder. You can add a little honey for taste. You can try vitamin E from a bottle or capsule, but studies on this vitamin show almost no benefit from the factory-produced form (probably because the oil goes rancid.) Good luck and sweet dreams to you all!!
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Sunflower Leaf Tea for Diarrhea

Maria J. (Colorado City, AZ) on 06/05/2009
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For diarrhea: Make a tea with sunflower leaves, then take it one teaspoon at a time, until you return to normal. Increase the amount gradually as needed. Use carefully, because the tea can cause constipation.