Vitamin C for Ester-C for Cats and Dogs

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Sheri (MI) on 12/21/2022:
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Hi Esther, I started giving my cat Lypo-Spherical Vitamin C, 1000 mg a day. They are packets in a gel like form. I do it twice a day, 500mg each time. I pour the gel like form into a little water and syringe it into him. This is said to make a big difference, especially in lymphoma cats, which mine is. He has been on it for 2 weeks and he has shown vast improvement.

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Diamond (Ma.) on 04/17/2015:
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There is Ester C I use for my cats and dogs, I have a dog that is as close to a 100 yrs. in humans age, but she is still carrying her own, there was awhile she just could not get up & walk, but with all the suppliments, I give no more than one or two per day, I also found that fresh Kale is a very strong source of vits. I give my dogs the Kale, but I love the liquid from the Kale, it tastes so different/soothing and has it's own sweetness/I make this by the gallons and drink it. It makes my dogs urinate too often but it's good as a cleansing process.

Here is someone else's review on on using Ester-C..

Ester C has fixed SO many problems with my dogs. For one example my girls had real thin placentas. This was a problem with multiple dogs. I put them on Ester C and totally fixed the problem. Next time placentas were nice and strong and thick and vet couldn't believe it was the same bitch. For another example I had a dog jump come down totally lame. She hurt her back somehow playing or jumping off the couch or something, but she couldn't even stand on her hind legs. I did maximum dose of Ester C for her system (everyone's is different so you have to find for each case), and did cold laser therapy and she was up and running around in two days. ALL of my dogs get Ester C sprinkled on their food with EVERY meal it is a miracle supplement in my book and I insist that ALL my puppy owners give to their dogs for life. It promotes deep tissue healing, growth and health. If you have a dog with bone problems like the hips, put them on their max dose and it will take away the pain and they will be up and running around. It doesn't fix the bones, but it does strengthen the tissue around them to support them. WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE stuff. Some doctors will give intravenously after surgery as it promotes faster and better healing. I give max dose after my girls C-sections for the same reason. There are TONS of health benefits to vitamin C. I look forward to more studies on dogs.

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Barbara (Danville, Ca) on 09/29/2011:
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I started giving my 7 1/2 year old Weimaraner Ester-C and it is working amazingly well.

The before Ester-C symptoms were holding up her rear leg and refusing to put pressure on it, and sleeping all the time (perhaps depressed). She is normally a very, very active dog.

Three days after treatment she is running around, energetic and putting more weight on it. Two weeks after the treatment she is as energetic as she was when she was a puppy, putting weight on her leg and 80% symptom free. This is truly amazing progress!!

I started 1000mg of the Ester-C and up to 2000mg after the fourth day. THANK GOODNESS for natural cures and the internet!!

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Majore (Noblesville, In, Usa) on 08/10/2011:
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Vitamin C is great for dogs. I have used it with my Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs for years. The one thing that is really important that I didn't see above is the you can NOT give dogs normal vitamin C which is ascorbic acid. It is very easy to burn there stomachs with ascorbic acid. Calcium Ascorbate or Sodium Ascorbate are what you need. Ester C is great too.
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