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Summer Nettles for Stomach Issues

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Katharine (Buckinghamshire, UK) on 07/30/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

My dog had been in a severe bout of IBD and was down to only 8K. vet's only route was biopsies and steriods. BUT I got a god-given tip and an amazing new food recommended to me. I have to share this with as many as I can as I know how upsetting and awful it is for owner and pet. Take the top of two inches of some fresh summer nettles, put two in half a glass of boiling water, let it cool. Then pipette a good 4 table spoons into the pet three times per day, for as many days as you wish. AT the same time i began a totally new food, the only totally holistic food in the UK - _____- lamb version is what I used. My Ripley was like a new dog in days - I could NOT BELIEVE what I was seeing. She now has the nettle tea every now and then, plus probiotics and folic acid occassionally. I wish you the same miraculous results!
EC: IBD = Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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