Stomach Issues for Pumpkin

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Carolyn (Port Richey, fl) on 04/24/2023:
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I used it too. Wonderful stuff. I cured my dogs cancer with Tumeric and fish oil. Other people I know used it and it shrank their dogs tumors. Great stuff Tumeric. India has the least amount of cancer in the world because they use it in their food daily.

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Pegpelca (Sacramento, Ca) on 10/06/2011:
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We have a 2 year old Golden Retriever--born in AZ--when he was tiny--he ate 6 rocks--we watched them pass through his little system via daily xrays--he's fine now--but we feed him dry chicken and oatmeal kibble with 3/4 cups of canned pumpkin twice a day--it keeps him slim and we have never had any tummy problems. He adores the pumpkin--at first we bought very expensive small cans of "special pumpkin for dogs"--now I buy big inexpensive cans at Target--not "pie mix"--pure pumpkin--good stuff!

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Nitehawk (Camp Verde, Arizona, America) on 10/17/2010:
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Recently all dogs in my area came down with a disease that caused vomiting, diarrhea, & a general state of poor health. Them dogs were very sick, including our two family members. The Neighbor to our west had his Yorkie hospitalized, on IV. Nearly lost her. Our Neighbor to the North had two very sick mini dauschhunds. One of the weenie weenies also had to be hospitalized. The local Vets, who are great but expensive, had no idea what disease this is. There is no vaccine for it. Since we all have pastures irrigated with river water it was guessed that the sickness either came from the soil or irrigation water. My husband & I could not afford Vet when this happened. It looked dismal for our beloved Aussie Twister, and Taboo, a black chow-rot-lab mix! Then I found this site and a plain pumpkin cure. I bought plain canned pumpkin with no additives, and applied the can opener. Directions seemed to be 1 tablespoon per 50lbs body weight. Both of my dogs are over 50 lbs, so I planned on 2 tablespoons each. I pulled the spoon out of the can heaped with pumpkin. Twister grabbed it before I offered. In fact it was testy to get some to Taboo, cuz Twister wanted the whole can. They both felt better within an hour, and later that day had NORMAL stools! I gave them 3 doses of 2 tablespoons pumpkin each day for 5 days. YAY! WOOF! Woof, woof, woof! From Taboo, & Twister too! Many Thanx from our happy, healthy Doggin's!!!
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Deirdre (Atlanta, GA) on 03/27/2009:
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My dog Max turned 15 at the beginning of March... He's a german shepherd mix, about 55 pounds. I have mentioned him on Earth Clinic in a number of posts. Recently he started to throw up about 20 minutes after eating his breakfast. I had been adding 1/8 teaspoon of turmeric to his morning breakfast bowl and figured that must be the cause and stopped it. Still he threw up. So then I decided to add a heaping spoonful of canned pumpkin to his breakfast kibble. This took care of his problem immediately -- no more vomiting. I also now add a heaping tablespoon of pumpkin to his evening meal as well, along with 1/8 teaspoon of turmeric since the turmeric helps him so much with dementia and arthritis. Hope this helps someone with a similar issue!
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