Stomach Issues for Ibd

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Maria (Kent) on 12/09/2015:
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My puppy has IBD, (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) from ten weeks old he has had upset stomach with blood and then later came the sickness, he couldn't keep anything down. He is 7 Months old and has not had one week without upset stomach until now. I read about tap water and decided to try him on Bottled Water, I also kept him on the special anallergenic Royal canine food but this food alone did not clear up upset stomach, I gave him the water in the morning and added Sweet Potato and Ground Turkey with his food in the afternoon, and by early evening he had normal stools, It is now the longest he has gone with no upset stomach a week and a half so far. He is on steroids for his sickness as he would be sick if I was to stop this medication, I am slowly reducing this to the lowest he can be on without being sick until he is a year old and hopefully I will be able to stop them completely.

I also give him teaspoon Salmon Oil daily and white thistle milk tablets to help with any damage to his kidneys the steroids may cause, I also give him teaspoon of Bionic Biotics daily to help with his stools. He has Zantac Syrup twice daily to help prevent ulcers. But it seems to me that the Water was the thing that fixed the upset stomach, I havent seen any blood since either. Early days but I feel I am getting somewhere at last.

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