Stomach Issues for Dietary Changes

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Slitty (Seward, Ne) on 07/06/2016:
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Our 6 year old morkie dog has borborygmi (stomach sounds from gas or fluid moving in the intestines) ...this occurs anywhere from 2-6 times a month and makes her very eating, no drinking, for usually 24 hours... We are wondering if her diet needs changed ..which we have done numerous times. She never gets loose stools but occasionally she will vomit yellow bile. We give her a recommended dose of pepcid each day plus put recommended essential oils on her ...these have all helped but wonder if anyone else has a solution for this ...her stomach sounds are audible across the room when she has these bouts.

Kokila (Roslyn Heights, Ny/usa) on 07/19/2011:
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HI, I have a Shih Tzu, who for YEARS has been suffering on and off with Colitis. I have consulted Vets, etc. To no avail. Given her yogurt, ACV, Petdolphilis, etc. to no avail.

What DID work, was a wonderful pet store's owners sage advice: CHANGE her protein in her diet. yes! I eliminated chicken, and voila! She is cured. Only tolerates beef and fish (like salmon, scrod, etc.)

So hope this helps others. Some dogs don't tolerate wheat either very well. She also has a reaction to pasta.

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Ann (Cranford, New Jersey) on 09/24/2008:
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I have an aging German Sheppard mix, about eleven years old. He was vomiting bile every night and ruined my kitchen cabinet with the stomach fluid that he was bringing up nightly. After trying many over the counter products, herbal supplements, food changes, feeding position changes etc. I was at my wits end. After receiving a suggestion from a friend, I decided to try splitting his food ration into two meals. Half in the morning and half at night. Lo n behold, it worked. I now can replace my kitchen cabinet and it will not be ruined by the critter leaving a puddle of bile next to it every night. He just could not eat that much in one feeding. Poor dog. It's a good thing his mom finally woke up n got his feeding right.
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Lana (Mishmar HaEmek, Israel) on 07/30/2007:
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My 6-1/2 year old dog started vomiting daily. This went on for months, though she didn't seem to be suffering in any way. Every vet I consulted said there was nothing wrong with her and that I needed to buy her a better grade of food, so I did, but she continued vomiting. Finally I decided to get her a dry food for senior dogs, even though she wasn't strictly a senior yet - and it worked instantly! The higher quality regular brands were just too rich for her to digest. Maybe this will work for others too.
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