Allergies for Turmeric

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Southern Belle (California) on 01/14/2018:
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I now have a chorky a chihuahua + yorkie, she has horrible allergies airborne she will bit, nip, scratch till she looks like she has mainge! She came into my life to make me as happy to have a lil` girly girl again she was right around 8 weeks, I noticed she had this tiny little bump no bigger than the tip of ball point pen. months later I noticed it had grown and split into 2 bumps still small I got nerveous and had her checked out while I was in Georgia and she said it was a cysts and could be removed but was small that it may go away or grow but was nothing dangerous, we'd watch it and if it got worse or painful she'd remove it. well what seemed like overnight [and was a couple months later] it not only grew but ruptured! Omg I didn't see it go from an eraser size to a bump split wide open oMg, I cried, cleaned it up and poor baby she looked at mommy with sad eyes, they said that was good to release and put her on antibiotics I kept it clean and researched!!

I found Turmeric I purchased my from Health xxx site vitamins etc, ... it was purest form and I sprinkled it in her food and WoW never had one again 4 years later she had a small one and after a few couple and a half years i didn't think she should be on it for life so I quit giving it to her and a couple months ago she had a small one. So I'm going back to Tumeric, guess my point was that it's healing properties are for cysts, tumors, cancer, and more! I just noticed that her ear seemed darker and bumpier than her other one and she's never been one to allow her ears to be manipulated to see inside, she's all black lol and disapears in a shadow, lol. there seems to be a tint of what I can't be sure of but either from her scratching or there is something irritated I pray thats the only reason is irratation! But Tumeric is extremely dooable price I paid ...4 years ago was around $8 and some change, was on sale but a larger pouch size of a bag of salad croutons. research the amount you'd need for your pet and sprinkle it in their food, she never seemed to not like it.

Good Luck. I hope my story tho long but hopefully helpful! Tc & gb!
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Melissa (California) on 08/24/2017:
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Grate fresh turmeric root on your pet's food to treat allergies. Protects the liver and reduces inflammation. I heard fresh pepper makes it more assumable but I am not giving it to my dog without a few vets weighing in on it. I'm a 10 yr veterinary technician with a blue pit bull myself who has terrible allergies. It comes down to a toxin in their environment working its way out of them and a faulty immune response. Find the culprit and remove it or antigen therapy may be needed. Building up tolerance and immunity to the allergen. Do not use essential oils with them. Doesn't work the same. I grate half a root for my 110lb dog.
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Jeff (Missouri) on 02/14/2017:
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Natural dog skin allergy cures

Why r u not recommending turmeric in the dog's food and in pill form for eye and skin rashes. I found it to work in just a few days.

My dog had a very bad rash all over his body plus runny ichy eyes..I started putting turmeric in his food and within three days eyes started clearing up and his skin returned 98% clear..I'm still trying other herbs to clear up the rest....THIS was after spending almost $2000.00 at a vet.

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