Allergies for Raw Egg in Food

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Krista (Oregon) on 02/19/2017:
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My dog has had skin ALLERGIES soooo bad FOREVER-- (since 8wks old she is now 2----itchy eyes like goggles, hot spots on her front paws and YEASTY ears/skin - also inflammed itchy lips)- I went though TONS of natural remedies for red mange/YEAST/allergies (because the symptoms can mimic each other) including but not limited to---- coconut oil, ACV, elimination diets, supplements, essential oils--- you name it - I tried it--- did TEDS Mange treatment, and have been making her food ( ground turkey with cruciferous veggies only ...even with all of the evening primrose, immune support anti yeast probiotic protocols, even making 24 hr fermented homemade yogurt!!!

For all I was doing I was seeing small improvements where it would DEFINITELY improve but not go away completely--- no REAL RESULTS that I could say WOW - that worked--my husband who makes fun of my 13 hour research sessions for our pup has been giving Stella a raw egg once a day for the last week with her breakfast. - PROBLEM SOLVED ---no joke--- I can't even believe it! AMAZING!!!!

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Lacy (Many, Louisiana) on 03/10/2008:
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My short hair dog had a terrible oder due to flaky skin. I tried giving her oatmeal baths, oils nothing seemed to work and only made it worse. Then I started giving her a raw egg with her food every other day. Not only did she think it was a treat her skin issues are a thing of the past and she smells great. Also I started using coconut oil on her tender and red belly, worked like a charm and if she licks it no worries because it helps her doggy breath.
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