Allergies for Over-The-Counter

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George (Orangeburg, SC) on 10/06/2008:
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We took our Scottie to the vet because she was itching so badly. The vet put her on antibiotics and a steroid spray which caused her to go deaf for weeks. (Not to mention the cost!) After that, the vet said she had a food allergy, so we bought an expensive brand of anti-allergen dog food. No luck with that either. Then I saw your website and decided to try the ACV. This caused her to sting and begin scratching wildly. She also howled in pain. I diluted it to half and half with the same result. She started avoiding me when she saw me coming. I then tried baking soda and water paste. That didn't work either. I decided to go to Walmart and ask the pharmicist what he had for an itching dog and he suggested Solarcaine Cool Aloe Gel. This gel has lidodcaine (which relieved the itching) and aloe vera (which cools the skin). It worked like a charm. I highly recommend this for your itching dog!
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