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Caireboo (Oxfordshire, UK) on 10/12/2014:
4 out of 5 stars

Apologies if this has been mentioned already. There are so many pages and my concentration is terrible but while in here about one of my dogs heart issues I thought I should post my experience with my other dogs allergies. He is a cavalier King Charles spaniel who after being allergy tested is found to be allergic to too much to list but things like weeds, grass etc are the worst. He gets skin so itchy it ripples to the touch, flaky dandruff, hot spots etc. I tried so many remedies which failed but skin eze herbal supplement worked so well I stopped his anti inflammatory injections at the vets. I live in th UK and allergic pet.com are US based; however, they do ship here. It's quite expensive so I tend to order in bulk. I give my 24 lb Cav 2 capsules 4 times a day and increase the number of capsules as needed. He isn't cured, his skin still ripples and the dandruff is there but he doesn't drive himself so mad he yelps with the itching and howls in distress

If you are also in the UK and can't afford skin Eze or want to supplement it I have also found skin & itch by homeopet and allergy aid by phytopet to be good. Both are available on Amazon.co.uk.

I hope these help cos seeing your pet driven mad by itching is heartbreaking. Good luck.

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