Allergies for Feverfew Tea

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Beth (Seattle) on 04/07/2023:
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I have a cat that has been itchy and licking obsessively so much so that her stomach was bare and she had bare spots on her back legs. I went to the vet who prescribed prednisone. If you look up the side effects of such, you might pass out, as they are way worse than the itching and it probably would kill her. I first gave her a bath with lime sulfur and used a doughnut collar afterwards for a few days that did seem to help and then I heard on YT “Veterinary Secrets” that you could use feverfew tea. You make it just like regular tea using the herb feverfew, which luckily I grow. I took my cat and held her in the bathroom, so it didn’t matter getting the floor wet. I used a clean sponge and gave her a sponge bath with the feverfew tea. I got her pretty wet with it. She didn’t like the bath. However, since I held her, she wasn’t as afraid as if I had put her in the tub. It seems to have worked. The places on each of her back legs have hair now that didn’t before. I think it was mites that we’re making her lick herself. I like this guy and will try this next time they have fleas!
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