Allergies for Evening Primrose Oil, Dietary Changes

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Nickyadams6 (Daventry, United Kingdom) on 08/03/2016:
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This is about evening primrose and my dogs allergies


i came across this site when I was looking for remedies to help my Staffordshire Bull terriers itching.

His allergies first came to our attention when we noticed a bald patch on his hind leg.He was very red on his belly, ears and eyes. Runny nose. We took him to the vet and through his insurance got him tested for everything. His main allergies are Dustmites, Storage mites( found in dry food ) wheat, and some seasonal grasses, and leaves. We started off on the prescribed vets tablets, but I thought there must be something better for my young dog. He was only 5-6 months at the time. I found this site and started him on Evening Primrose 1000mg plus Chlorphenamine ( antihistamine 4mg)with his food in the morning and 500mg Evebing Primrose and an anthistamine in his second meal. I stopped feeding my birds bread as he would happily eat the leftovers( wheat)got him on a raw food diet( natures menu frozen nuggets) wipe him with wipes after every walk to get any allergens off. Even sausage treats whilst training him were stopped as sausages have breadcrumbs in them. So really it's all trial and error, but he is 19months old now, And his symptoms are well and truly at bay and bald patches are no more!

So thankyou for the information on your site, it has changed my beautiful dogs life.

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