Allergies for Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Garlic

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Wilma (Venice, CA) on 08/22/2008:
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My dog was under medication for allergies about 6 months out of the year from Mar - Oct. Finally, I decided not to use steroids or antihistamines because I knew long term usage was not good. After reading the website, I started with ACV, especially after she would rub her face from itchiness and her eyes would start to get infected. I put it on the top of her head and it seemed to help the infection. But I was only holding it at bay because her eye and chin were red from itchiness. The improvement was that her belly was not red and raw from scratching and she still had her fur. My friend said to add raw garlic. Within one day, I saw marked improvement around her eyes. At first I was hiding it in meat but then I figured out I could put the ACV and raw garlic in her food and mask it with _____'s Amino acids. Well, that did the trick. Her eyes are beautiful again and so is her chin. No more rubbing her eyes and face raw.
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